Great News Season 2 Episode 12 Review

It's the penultimate episode of Great News, and I'm (finally) returning to review it. I've come to terms with the fact that this is very likely the final season, so I just had to return to review these last two episodes. It's been a crazy ride, but the show has stayed throughout all of it. I'm expecting more of the same tonight.

Katie and Carol are angry with each other now that she works at Morning Wined Up. She thinks people will finally take her seriously, and Katie thinks the same. Carol asks her about Greg, and she still isn't ready to talk to her about him. Greg isn't ready to answer the ultimatum, but she doesn't really care. Downstairs, Carol is super late to her new job, because she had to watch 9 hours of TV. She wants to go to a pitch meeting, but she's not allowed to. Upstairs, Katie and Greg are meeting with a lawyer about Fenton Pelt's lawsuit, but the lawyer is super moody. He tells them not to discuss Fenton Pelt, and then Chuck barges in, even though he's suspended. Meanwhile, Katie tells everyone that they're supposed to lay off Fenton Pelt but to ignore it, but nobody cares. Chuck decides to help Katie take Pelt down, but they need to get lunch first.

Katie and Chuck try to find some leads on Pelt, but they're doing a very bad job. Chuck tries to get his old friends to help, but they're dead. Portia is doing a terrible job anchoring by herself, and Katie is incredibly stressed. Meanwhile, Kelly and Mary-Kelly are pitching ideas at a meeting when Carol bursts in, wanting to pitch her idea from an older perspective. She's bad with the technology and stuff, but Kelly wants to hear it. She gets stuck in her blazer, but the ladies want her to appear on TV. She's finally on the fast track to success! Chuck has some fascinating evidence for Katie, but his hard-hitting evidence is the fact that pixels are, wait for it, made of pixels. He thinks Pelt is a "little box man," and Katie tells him to go. Katie then notices the man next to him, named Lion, and realizes that he didn't shoot "a lion," he shot a man named "Lion." Bum bum bum!!!

Katie rushes into Greg's office, where he's practicing bubble tricks. She tells him about Lion getting shot, but he isn't interested, due to what the lawyer said earlier. Chuck then bursts in to tell them that if you re-arranged Pelt's name, you get "Ten-Ten Flop." It's meaningless, and then Chuck has a real "breakdown." Carol comes to brag about being on TV, and everyone (well, not everyone) is excited for her. Katie watches Carol's segment, where she tells them that she found it okay. They then bring people out dressed as Star Wars characters to attack her, and Katie just then realizes that Carol is being made fun of.

Katie goes to tell Carol that they're making fun of her, and she thinks Katie is just trying to make her feel bad about her accomplishment. Katie then goes to yell at Greg about his indecisiveness, and she gives him an ultimatum. Justin rushes in to show them what Chuck is doing in his office. He's about to embarrass himself on Facebook Live, so they rush to get the only one who understands him: Carol. Carol is busy doing a segment on Morning Wined Up, but her kissing booth segment goes south. She tells them about her heroes, including Ruth Baby Ginger and Chuck. They show Chuck the segment. Carol quits. Jason, a new guy, thinks he's getting a round of applause, but it's for Carol. Carol only came back for one reason though, to officially let them know that she's done with TV, because nobody takes her seriously.

This was yet another slam-dunk for Great News. While the first act was relatively unexciting, it soon improved into an a great episode of television. Carol's realization at the end truly was heartbreaking, and I really hope she returns to the Breakdown in next week's finale. This episode was a great set-up for the finale, all while keeping its usual goofiness and hilarity, which I really appreciate. Despite some touching moments, the show never traded in its typical silliness, which I respect and love about it. I also appreciated the appearances by Ana Gasteyer and Rachel Dratch, two very underrated SNL favorites of mine that I love seeing pop up anywhere. Gosh, I'm gonna miss this show. Thankfully, we have one more blissful episode ahead of us, which I both dread and look forward to.
My Score: 9.5/10
My Grade: A

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