Superstore S3E11 Review

Cheyenne brings conflict with her mother to Cloud 9, and Amy specifically, in this week's Superstore. But that's not the only conflict. There's also conflict between Glenn and Dina following what they agreed upon last week, and it ends up requiring a lawyer when it gets heated.

S3E11 "Angels and Mermaids"

Cheyenne's mother is out of jail, and running her life. She decides that Cheyenne's daughter's birthday party should be Green Day themed. Amy ends up getting involved, since she thinks the party should be a more appropriate theme for a two-year-old. Unexpectedly, when Cheyenne decides to go against all of her wishes, Amy ends up taking Cheynne's mother's side on most issues. Eventually, Cheyenne and her mother agree that Amy should stay out of their business, and the final scene here is funny as they tell her this, and a Cloud 9 employee decides to insult Amy's hair.

Glenn and Dina have a little bit of trouble agreeing on a contract for the surrogacy. Glenn brings in a lawyer, and as a result things get tense. The lawyer ends up getting aggressive with Dina, and no one listens to Glenn. Dina begins to bluff by saying that she is going to have unprotected sex with Marcus, and Glenn responds by saying that he got Sandra to be his surrogate. The scene where they are both doing this is really funny, especially with the jokes about Sandra. However, Glenn being mean to Sandra isn't that in-character.

A discussion about whether mermaids are real or not leads to everyone in the breakroom talking about other things that may or may not be real, which leads to a lot of hilarious moments. Jonah discovers that Kelly believes in angels, and he is troubled by that. Garrett tries to help Jonah get over this, because he wants the weekend to himself that he had been expecting. This story has a couple of mildly funny moments, but it isn't that funny or compelling in any way. I did, however, love the fact that Mateo spent the whole day in the breakroom.

Glenn and Dina were the highlight of this episode, though there was no story that was truly bad. Amy and Cheyenne had some good funny moments, thought I wish that their story had more to it. Glenn and Dina were hilarious, while Jonah and Garrett weren't that funny.

Score: 7/10

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