Speechless S2E13 Review

This week's episode follows up on the reveal at the fundraiser in last week's episode. As a result of that, Maya comes up with her own creative solution, as she would do. But, can that actually go as planned for long?


After Maya and Jimmy have discovered that J.J. will not be able to graduate this year, Maya decides to take the challenge of getting Dr. Miller to let J.J. graduate. Maya and Dr. Miller both preparing for their day is hilarious, and the obviously disadvantaged Dr. Miller brings back-up in the form of J.J's teachers. Maya surprisingly defeats them all but not Dr. Miller. I'm surprised that Maya backed down so quickly when it came to Dr. Miller.

J.J. decides that he doesn't want to go back to his high school since they say he can't graduate this year. Meanwhile, the other DiMeo kids end up in situations that make them hate going to their school, Ray farting in front of his class and Dylan not being named team captain of her track team. So, all three kids join the DiMeo Academy that Maya creates initially just for J.J. Maya is very funny as she combines a bunch of subjects together. Meanwhile, Jimmy lets the other two kids just be lazy.

Jimmy not taking DiMeo Academy seriously upsets Maya, who is taking it very seriously. Eventually, they realize it isn't right for Ray and Dylan. But, before they go back to school, Dylan will compete in a track meet against her former school. The mascot of service animal dropout is hilarious. J.J. realizes that to go to college, he needs to be independent, and the best way of doing that is graduating high school the regular way. Meanwhile, Dylan learns about sportsmanship when her former teammates help her reach the finish line, which she hilariously protests.

The episode got off to a wonderful start, and it had a nice ending, at least for J.J. and Dylan. In the middle, it wasn't as strong, with some funny moments, but also a conflict between Maya and Jimmy that wasn't really explored as much as it could have been. Also, Kenneth's part of the story, while somewhat entertaining, didn't feel necessary, and wasn't very compelling.

Score: 7.5/10

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