With Ellen Pompeo Inking a 2-Year Deal, Grey’s Anatomy is (Essentially) Renewed Through 2020

Written Foreseeing TGIT in the 2020's by Bridger Cunningham

As if fans had many doubts, Grey's Anatony's landmark original character, Dr. Meredith Grey, will continue on into the next decade.  Per a candid Deadline interview, portrayer Ellen Pompeo, has inked a two-year deal which will carry her well into the 16th season in 2020.  Pompeo now stands as television's highest-paid dramatic actress, now under contract for $550K an episode.  For those capable of simple math, that is $12.1M-$13.2M a year (before taxes, of course) depending on if ABC airs between 22-24 episodes a year.  This may sound like a steep hike, but that package includes Producer responsibilities for her show, as well as Co-Executive Producer of GA's yet-unnamed firehouse spinoff (shall we call if Grey's Firehouse Chili?).  Needless to say, Pompeo's steep salary not only entails marquee status, but hefty responsibilities.   
Grey's Anatomy, ABC's highest scripted series averaging a 1.97 Live 18-49 Adult Demographic Rating, has seen a plethora of creative peaks and valleys.  Yet during its 14-season run, it has consistently placed in the top 20 with the majority of those mentions cracking into the top-10.  Pompeo's salary is justified by those figures, as this series has stood as a sturdy player though ABC's own ups and downs.   
Pompeo's interview with Deadline also painted a candid, flattering view of Pompeo's radiant attitude, as well as show creator Shonda Rhimes' current involvement with the franchise after taking a step back from ABC to focus on her Netflix projects.  Pompeo addressed the series' ups and downs, as well as how long she forecasts the series going on.  After the blunt question was addressed about when the show will end, she vaguely stated she has always felt she had at least two more years consistently since the series' inception (translation: "Things are going well, so let's just enjoy the ride.").  Pompeo also addressed the series' achievements in feminism and promiment LGBTQ characters, all the while avoiding jumping on the "Trump Era" bandwagon many are directing their shows into.  Writing was also addressed, with an insight of a positive shakeup in the writing arena this season.  Ellen Pompeo also addressed the perks of the show aligning with her lifestyle as a working mother, as well as her view on allowing her children to view the (sometimes) saucy content.  Pompeo's delivery was so refreshing, TVRG welcomes readers to check it out directly here: 
Does Pompeo's contract guarantee Grey's Anatomy will remain on air into the 2020's?  Weigh in, as it appears ABC has achieved possession of a solid jewel in its schedule for some time.

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