Remembering the Television Stars We Lost in 2018

Written Bidding a Fond Farewell to 2018's Stars by Bridger Cunningham

Not all entries written on TVRG come with joyful announcements, as sadly, some of the performers who gave viewers their greatest shows left us.  Rather than treat this as a grim, sorrowful entry, take a moment and celebrate their achievements like an Irish wake.  This series will update monthly and take a look at the series these stars gave us.

January showed a frightening trend with three stars leaving us inside the first 8 days, most visibly sitcom star Jerry Van Dyke.  Thankfully, this trend has subsided, and TVRG hopes it will become an infrequent trend.  Also, take a peek back at 2017's roster of stars to celebrate.

1/1/2018 Jon Paul Steuer (1984-2018)
1/5/2008 Jerry Van Dyke (1931-2018)
1/8/2018 Donnelly Rhodes (1937-2018)
1/30/2018 Louis Zorich (1924-2018)
2/4/2018 John Mahoney (1940-2018)
2/22/2018 Nanette Fabray (1920-2018)

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2017 2017 Remembers The Television Stars We Lost

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