Superstore S3E10 Review

This week, the Cloud 9 that our characters work at is about to get an upgrade. However, some of the employees are worried whether this upgrade will actually be a good thing or not.

S3E10 "High Volume Store"

At the beginning of the episode, Jeff has an announcement for the Cloud 9 employees, they are only a few sales away from becoming a Quad-A store. The employees don't care at first, but once they discover that this means that the store will get a Pizza Hut, they hilariously get very excited. Jonah, however, is suspicious, and as a result he, Amy, and Dina go to a Quad-A store to find out what that means.

It's very funny when all the employees say that it is "the best job I've ever had." In reality, working at that store is terrible, so everyone at our Cloud 9's motivations change, they all try to keep the store from reaching the sales goal. These attempts are very funny, I especially enjoyed Marcus being weird, and Dina being herself to customers. However, Bo ends up ruining their plans when he buys a hot tub, and there are no returns on it. The ending here ends up being really unexpected, that they got a lot of counterfeit money, and that brings them down under the target amount.

Glenn also has an announcement at the start of the episode, that he needs a surrogate because Jerusha can't have kids. So, he spends the episode looking for a surrogate. After his search is unsuccessful, he vents to Cheyenne, and she ends up accidentally agreeing to have his baby. She tries to get out of this, saying that Bo wasn't alright with it, but Glenn brings him in and that plan goes awry.

In the end, Glenn realizes what's going on, and is mean to Cheyenne to be nice, which is really funny. The episode ends with Dina agreeing to have Glenn's baby because of how much he is paying for it. This ending is also unexpected, but I like how money was a big motivator for people (both Bo and Dina), since that reflects how much money the characters in this show have.

This was a strong episode. The main story was great, I liked the way that the group's goal changed, and how the end of that story was so unexpected. Also, the reasons behind everyone either wanting or not wanting the store to get an upgrade was great. The other story was enjoyable too, but it wasn't a stand-out one like the other was.

Score: 9.5/10

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