The Good Place S2E12 Review

Last season, the last two episodes of The Good Place built to a surprising twist and an amazing conclusion to the season. After last week's episode ended with a surprise, and sent the four humans into new uncharted territory, my excitement for this episode has been high. What is the penultimate episode of The Good Place's second season leading up to?

S2E12 "The Burrito"

At the beginning of the episode, the humans have made it through the portal, and they are expecting to meet the judge. All they see is a burrito on a desk, and there is a hilarious bit where the four theorize what the meaning of the burrito is. In a delightful surprise, Maya Rudolph shows up as the judge. The four humans decide that all four of them will go to the same place in the end; if one of them is unable to go to the good place, they all go to the bad place.

Jason and Tahani are each given tests, and then Eleanor and Chidi are told that they have improved enough to go to the good place, but the others can't go. This is a wonderful dilemma to put them in, because it is extremely unclear whether this is a test, or whether this is a real choice. It turns out that this was a test, but just for Eleanor. The fact that she now knows Chidi so well that she figures out that it wasn't him was great, and shows how much Eleanor has grown from the beginning of the series. Remember when she didn't listen to Chidi at all? She couldn't answer simple questions about him.

The other tests, however don't go well. Jason's is really bizarre, Chidi takes an insanely long amount of time to decide between two hats, and Tahani fails at her mission of going down an entire hallway not opening a door behind which people are talking honestly about her. Tahani's is the most interesting, and incredibly challenging. I really enjoyed Tahani standing up to her parents. It's a shame that she wasn't able to do this in her life, because as a result she could have actually been a good person.

As all of this is going on, Michael has been captured by Sean. Rather than being retired, he is taken to a room where he will spend the rest of eternity. It turns out, however, that the Bad Janet that's there is actually their Janet. Janet was having a hard time pretending to be bad, so I am surprised that she was able to accomplish this. They then arrive in the judge's chambers just as the four humans are prepared to leave for the bad place.

This was a really strong episode. It was enjoyable the whole way through, being very funny, having high stakes, and showing Eleanor's progress and a big moment for Tahani. Michael's parts of the episode were not very interesting, but luckily it wasn't much of the episode, and it got the whole group reunited.

Score: 9.5/10

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