Life In Pieces Season 3 Episode 11 Review

Life in Pieces has seemingly found its footing in 2018 after a bit of a rough patch in late 2017. This episode looks like it'll be a good one, so I hope I'm not disappointed.

In the first story, Jen asks Clementine to watch Lark later so her and Greg can go on a date, but she declines, telling them that she'll be busy with a music gig. She wants to quit, but doesn't feel it would be right to dump Tyler twice. She asks Jen to do it for her, and after some convincing, she agrees. She heads to a coffeeshop to tell Tyler the news, and he says he needs someone to fill in for their gig. He asks Jen, who agrees. Jen enjoys herself, and even asks Greg to come to a gig sometime soon. At practice, Jen pretty clearly starts to annoy Tyler. At the gig that night, he kicks her out of the band. Jen makes a scene.

In the second story, Joan has made a new friend, Donna (Dodo). Heather seems pretty jealous, and later, she tries to make small talk with Joan and the girls, but Joan keeps bringing up Dodo. The Joan gets home, Heather introduces her to her "friend" June. June's a real catch, but Joan isn't at all impressed by her. June tells her that her doctor has bad news for her, and she wants someone to come with her. Some time later, Heather is speaking at June's funeral, and she clearly doesn't know a thing about her.

In the third story, Tim is taking part in a silent auction. Matt wants to donate a painting, but Tim doesn't want to. Last year, Tim ended up buying Matt's painting to spare his feelings. This year, he ends up donating a "painting," which is just a huge version of his signature. Tim wants Matt to go home to spare his feelings, but Colleen won't take him home because he's helping her win something. Tim freaks out when they run out of auction stickers, meaning he can't bid on Matt's "art," but luckily someone else already bid on it. Matt then tells Tim he knows what he did last year, and then some men bring him his painting, because he bought it.

In the fourth story, Lark has drawn a horrible penguin, but John doesn't want him to lie to her anymore. He tells him that him being "hard" is what made Greg the man he is today. Greg then gives the family some of his beer that he made, and everyone hates it. Nobody really tells him to his face, except for John, who tells him "straight on". that it sucks. John decides to help him with it, and Greg is elated. He tells Jen how happy he is, since awe got to make a "baby" with his dad. The beer they made is really bad, but John doesn't tell him.

This was just an okay episode of Life In Pieces. The first story was really so-so, with a few funny parts but also a lot of boring parts. The second story was really pretty pointless and was only moderately, with a really weird turn in focus from Joan to Heather. I was disappointed that it didn't focus more heavily on Joan, but that may have been for the best because Dodo was annoying and June was awesome. The third story was my favorite, and was the only one that I enjoyed from start to finish. The fourth wasn't really all that funny, but it did provide for a sweet moment between John and Greg, which I did enjoy. All in all, which I had my issues with it, the episode still had some nice moments and some very funny moments, as well.
My Score: 7.5/10
My Grade: B-

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