Speechless S2E9 Review

This week's Speechless episode is Star Wars themed, with J.J. getting tickets to the new movie.


At the beginning of the episode, Maya dramatically announces that she got J.J. two tickets to the premiere of the new Star Wars movie. He makes Ray jump through hoops in order to come with him, which is very entertaining, especially when Ray has to dance. However, J.J. ends up inviting a girl to the movie instead of Ray. So, Ray turns to Logan to help him get into the movie, despite Logan not really being a fan of Star Wars.

There are some funny moments with the Ray and Logan pairing, as Ray puts a lot of effort into getting into the movie. Once they are in, the brothers each try to have a better time than the other, but their rivalry comes to an end when J.J. needs Ray's help, and he admits he wishes Ray was spending more time with him, which is a sweet ending, but I don't remember J.J. and Ray spending all that much time together in season one.

With Ray and J.J. gone, the other three family members decide to have a night where they do what they want to do. Dylan and Maya each come up with a few things to do, but Jimmy can't come up with anything he wants, so the other two try to come up with things for him. This story has a very funny ending when Jimmy believes that they got him a car, when they really got a new mailbox. I also loved when Dylan concluded that getting arrested isn't that bad.

Kenneth has some fun in the school at night when no one is there, but due to an incident where he leaves the frozen yogurt machine on, he has to tell the principal about what he has been doing. She is thrilled that the school is a place that Kenneth wants to hang out, so the next night she watches him, which is really funny. The ending to this story though is bizarre, as Kenneth goes from not wanting the principal watching him to having her join him without any explanation.

Kenneth's part of the story wasn't that strong, but the rest of the episode was very enjoyable. J.J. and Ray's relationship is always fun to explore, though I didn't totally buy the ending, and the rest of the family in the car that isn't theirs was great.

Score: 8.5/10

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