Modern Family S9E9 Review

In this week's Modern Family, Phil takes on the outdoors, Manny brings a girl home that Gloria isn't happy about, and Cam tries to make a difference while being acting vice principal.

S9E9 "Tough Love"

Phil has decided to spend a week in the wild for reasons that don't make any sense, and I don't even believe that they would make sense to Phil. Phil, however, discovers that the wild is more challenging than he thought it would be. Also, Claire drives a truck when she ends up down a driver, which never really serves much of a purpose. Phil reveals to Claire that he didn't choose to leave the people he was working with, but he was asked to resign. There wasn't really a coherent story here, and it wasn't even funny either. It relied to much on Phil in the wild, which didn't wasn't as entertaining as the show thought it would be.

Manny brings a teacher from his school home because apparently that's the kind of thing that Manny does now. I wouldn't have believed that this is something that Manny would do, but it fits into his behavior this season, which has made him a less interesting and likable of a character. Gloria is convinced that this isn't a romantic thing, but she eventually must realize that it is. The ending of this story comes out of the blue, when Gloria discovers that Manny isn't all grown up when she sees him sleeping next to Joe.

Early in the episode, Mitch points out to Cam how gullible he is, though Cam refuses to see that. When a kid in detention films Cam and posts it online, the kid convinces Cam that he's a narc and did it to fit in. It's hilarious when Cam tells Mitch about it and is very dramatic about it. In the end, Cam discovers that the kid was actually telling the truth, an ending that's really similar to Mitch and Jay's story in "Fifteen Percent". Also, throughout this, there's some mildly funny moments when Mitch intends to have Lily watch a doll, but it gets swapped with Pam's baby, though the fact that this would happen could totally be seen coming at at the beginning of the scene where it happened.

Mitch and Cam's parts of the episode were enjoyable, so it's really too bad that the episode was dragged down by the other parts of it, which weren't funny or coherent stories.

Score: 3/10

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