Life In Pieces Season 3 Episode 6 Review

I haven't enjoyed Life in Pieces as much in its third season as I did in its second, but the shows has recently improved, and it always manages to have at least one great story, even if the others aren't quite up to snuff. Hopefully this episode is another good one. Or even better yet - a great one.

In the first story, Matt and Colleen are exchanging their wedding gifts for money, which they decide use to buy a bunch of stuff. They have a meal with John and Joan when Joan asks them about a waffle maker her and John bought for them. Matt tells her that they're waiting for a special occasion to use it, and Joan suggests that they have a waffle party. The next day, John and Joan arrive for the waffle party, and are confused that they never said anything about all of the money that they stuffed in the waffle maker box. That's when Matt confesses that they took it back. Matt and Colleen then go to the store and search through every waffle maker for the right one. Meanwhile, John wants to have waffles, so he gets out the second waffle maker that he bought. It turns out that this was the one with cash in it, not the one given to Matt and Colleen.

In the second story, Heather is doing yoga when she hears a mopey Tyler tell her to be quiet. She tries to comfort him, and they decide to go to the mall, even thought Tyler doesn't really want to. They see a kiosk for haircare, and Tyler gets a makeover. The two of them then decide to go to a movie, though  the movie is really terrible and uncomfortable. They quickly leave the movie, because boundaries.

In the third story, Joan is taking Lark for the night, and it's going to be Greg and Jen's first night away from Lark. Greg and Jen arrive at a hotel and start drinking, celebrating that they have the night away from Lark. Unfortunately for them, they pass out and don't get a chance to really do anything fun. They miss out on dinner, so they have too eat someone else's room service. They're about to have sex when they hear a baby crying. This prevents them from getting in the mood, so Greg goes over to tell them to keep it down. The woman tells him that she needs to take her infant with an ear infection to the hospital, but she doesn't know what to do with her other child. Greg, being the big sweet idiot that he is, takes the kid. They try to get the kid to sleep, but she wants to have some fun. They jump on the bed and play some pranks, and they finally get the kid to sleep. The next day, they wonder if they'll ever get their lives back. They're also left with the kid, but she's reported missing and they get an AMBER Alert for her. Yikes.

In the fourth story, Sam introduces Tim and John to her (boy)friend, and then they go up to her room to study. Tim and John start wondering about him, and John really doesn't trust him. Tim decides to trust Sam, because she's a good kid. They hear some giggling from upstairs, and then silence. Tim starts making excuses for everything, and John keeps suggesting that something more is going on. Then, Tim asks Sophia to spy on Sam for him. Tim and John wait for Sophia to get them some intel, and in the meantime, Tim notices the pictures of Sam and Matt from last week's episode. John tells him that Sophia left with Joan, so Tim takes matters into his own hands. He accidentally sets off the smoke alarm, and Sam comes out from her room. After some advice from John, Tim goes to check on Sam, and he storms in on Sam and annoys her. Then, he goes to apologize to Sam for acting like an idiot.

I wasn't a fan of this episode. The second story was super pointless and unfunny. Nothing happened there, and I've already forgotten most of it. The fourth story was similarly pointless, as it just didn't really go anywhere. I didn't find it funny, and it was honestly kinda annoying. The first story was okay, but still wasn't too great. It did deliver some laughs, but I still wasn't too interested in it. The third story was easily the best. It was really good, and though it wasn't too original, I enjoyed it. It wasn't as LOL funny as some other recent stories, but it was very entertaining and it kept me more interested than any other story tonight.
My Score: 7/10
My Grade: C+

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