Mom S5E6 Review

Bonnie and Christy meet Adam's brother in this week's Mom, and things go in an unexpected way from there.

S5E6 "Smooth Jazz and a Weird Floaty Eye"

The episode begins with a really funny monologue from Christy, as she gets mad at Bonnie for changing the radio stations in her car (the best line here is when she complains about Bonnie moving the seat to "freak town"), but Christy gets over it when Adam won't reveal to Bonnie who he is meeting with, and Bonnie demands information out of him. It's very funny when Christy decides to wait to go to work to watch the argument that is starting between Bonnie and Adam. Adam finally reveals that he is meeting his brother, but he refuses to let Bonnie go with him. This of course means nothing, and she insists that she is going.

Bonnie decides to take Adam and his brother to the restaurant that Christy works at, which leads to a lot of great lines where Christy tries to get Bonnie to leave. There is a lot of tension between Adam and his brother, and on the way home Adam tells Bonnie that this is because his brother cut him out of a business that they had started together. Meanwhile, Adam's brother asks Christy out on a date, which he is very awkward about. As Christy is preparing for the date, Jill is worked into the episode, on Skype helping Christy pick out an outfit. She gets some funny moments in her small amount of the episode. Bonnie finds out about the date, and she tells Adam, who blames her for it happening, because she if she hadn't gotten involved in their meeting, his brother never would have met Christy.

Christy and Patrick's date is enjoyable, so she asks him about the conflict between him and Adam. His story is that Adam bailed on their business before it became successful. Christy and Bonnie go to Marjorie and Wendy about this, and Marjorie says that if Christy and Bonnie were able to work through their tension, Adam and Patrick should be able to. So, they have the brothers talk about their issues, and they eventually reconcile. The final scene of the episode is really funny, as Bonnie and Christy consider themselves heroes, and contemplate the odd familial relationships that would occur if things work out between Christy and Patrick.

This was a great episode, filled with many funny lines. Also, it gave both Bonnie and Christy a chance to shine, instead of primarily Bonnie like usual. It also was nice to get to know more about Adam, and to explore his relationship with his brother.

Score: 10/10

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