CW Renew/Cancel: Valor is Still Certain to be Canceled, An Upgrade for Dynasty

Welcome to another installment of the CW Renew/Cancel Watch. With the news of backorders now announced, let's state the obvious. 

Final Season
Certain Cancelation
Likely Cancelation
Leans Cancelation
Leans Renewal
Likely Renewal
Certain Renewal
The Originals

Jane the Virgin

Crazy Ex- Girlfriend

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow




The Flash

Dynasty: Dynasty was rewarded with a full season pickup, which is somewhat surprising, but not for a show fully produced by CBS Studios. Les Moonves claims that it made money before it went on the air. How much money did it make? It's probably cheap enough for more episodes to be produced. Therefore, it earns an upgrade to "likely to be renewed". Plus, it guarantees that a CBS show remains on air for the spring.

Valor: Valor, on the other hand, did not receive a backorder. It got capped at 13 episodes just like No Tomorrow and Frequency last season. It doesn't help that it is a CBS/WB coproduction with CBS getting distribution rights. Therefore, it remains "certain to be canceled".

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