Binge Report: Week of October 30

The following Binge Report has been provided to us by TV Time. Analysis is our own.

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It probably shouldn't be too much of a surprise that the 2nd season of Stranger Things tops this list; the show is seemingly a cultural phenomenon that many have been anticipating for months. What is a little surprising is Grey's Anatomy's rebound to #2. With Live + Same Day ratings a bit lower now than they were a few weeks ago, maybe some viewers have simply converted to streaming; it's part of the reason why linear ratings keep slipping after all. At #3 is Riverdale, which continues to have an impressive second season on both linear and streaming platforms. Whether it stays that way or not remains to be seen, but it seems like it'll be able to spend at least the first half of the season on this list, which is truly impressive.

The Walking Dead recently returned, so it shouldn't be too surprising that it is on this list. What is surprising to me is how it's not as high up as lower-rated shows like Grey's Anatomy or Riverdale. Still, #4 isn't something to complain about. Right behind it is The CW's flagship superhero show, The Flash, up a spot from last week. Like Riverdale, it looks like this one is here to stay. Good news as well for How to Get Away with Murder, up to #6 this week and proving to be more popular amongst TV Time streaming viewers than the higher-rated Scandal, its lead-in on linear TV. While its linear ratings have been just OK this season, this shows that it still has a solid audience.

The top (and only) comedy on this list is TV's #1 comedy, The Big Bang Theory, which fell two spots to #7. The good news for it was it was on the higher side in terms of how many episodes each viewer watched. While many multi-cam comedies are considered to be casual watches that many won't pursue on streaming, that certainly is not the case for The Big Bang Theory.

Arrow is steady at #8 this week, the third CW show on this list; in fact, it has more shows on this list than any other network or streaming platform. This shows that while The CW may not have the highest Live + Same Day ratings, the audience many of the shows they air may not pursue shows the day they air. However, that does not necessarily mean the shows aren't profitable, as this list implies.

At #9 is Lucifer, steady with last week. It is FOX's only show on the list, which can be seen as surprising given how popular shows like Empire are. Like How to Get Away with Murder, linear ratings are more mediocre than good, but making this streaming list is very impressive and should make it a lock for renewal.

Finally, #10 is American Horror Story, which airs on FOX-owned cable network FX and hails from super-producer Ryan Murphy. This anthology is many seasons into its life and still going strong.

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