Superstore S2E2 Review

This episode picks up where the premiere left off, with the Cloud 9 employees ending their strike and beginning to work again.

S2E2 "Back to Work"

Everything is back to usual at Cloud 9, except that the district manager is still there. Glenn is hilarious in his attempts to impress the district manager by being a hard ass. America Ferrera does a great job as well in her reactions to what the district manager says, and in the scene at the deli.

Dena decides to try to get everyone to like her, and this results in her leaving everyone hilarious presents. Amy's story gets very interesting when the thumb gets lost, and I loved when she was telling others about it, especially the line about how it could be in guacamole or it could not be in guacamole.

Cheyenne comes in to show people pictures of her baby, but ends up working, which is really funny. The thumb ends up being found, and Garrett is funny when that happens. The end of the episode is great, when Dena goes to help Amy.

American Ferrera had a great performance in this episode, and everyone else also did very well. It was an episode full of hilarious moments.

Score: 10/10

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