Modern Family Season 8 Premiere Review

The seventh season ended with the family's parts in different cities, and that's where the eighth season picks up.

S8E1 "A Tale of Three Cities"

In New York, the Dunphys have a classic Modern Family storyline, with both the parents and the kids deciding to stay in New York, but not telling the others. Luke and Phil are funny in how bad they are at lying. Out of the three stories, this is the one that ended the best.

In Missouri, Cam's family is sad about his grandmother dying, and Mitch gets to have some classic Modern Family type moments, with him saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. When Mitch gets home, there is a great callback to Claire smiling when someone dies.

In Mexico, Jay and Gloria have a weaker storyline involving Gloria's sister. Unlike the other two stories, not as much happens at first, and it gets crazy when, back at home, Gloria's sister kidnaps Manny. This story's ending was fairly typical, with Gloria admitting she was jealous that her dad liked her sister more.

Two of the stories worked very well, because they embraced the kind of humor that Modern Family did well early on. The third story was more out there, and had a typical ending, but it still had funny moments.

Score: 8.5/10

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