2nd Annual Renew/Cancel Tournament

In addition to our Invest in 18 Shows Tournament (which you can enter by clicking here). This tournament is one that we've done before, just a little modified. Here's the way it will work:

-Listed will be the new fall broadcast series. For each, you must guess one of the following: Renew, Cancel, Cancel (Pulled/Trimmed), Cancel (No/Partial Backorder), or Cancel (Full Backorder)
-You will receive 2 points for each show you correctly guess to be renewed
-You will receive 1 point if you correctly list 'Cancel'
-You will receive 1 additional point if you correctly predict which 'Cancel' subsection (pulled/trimmed, no/partial backorder, full backorder) a show will fall in.

You have through Sunday, September 18 to enter the tournament. Enjoy!

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