Speechless S1E2 Review

After not being totally impressed with the pilot episode, I hoped that episode two would be an improvement.


The episode has an enjoyable start, with Maya testing the emergency services, and rewarding the faster ones. The episode introduces a story for the father and daughter, which is not funny. Also, Ray tries to find an opening to talk to the girl he likes, which has the potential to be funny, but isn't at first.

Maya, as expected, doesn't like Kenneth, even though J.J. does. There is also a hilarious scene where, when J.J. isn't there, Maya makes Ray do physical therapy in order to not waste money.

Maya intends to fire Kenneth, but that story comes to a very sweet conclusion when she sees how hard Kenneth is working to help J.J. Ray's story gets funny at the end when he becomes insecure about his walk.

I enjoyed two of the storylines this week, the main one and Ray's. The one with the father and the daughter really wasn't funny.

Score: 7.5/10

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