The Good Place S1E3 Review

After loving the premiere on Monday, I had high expectations for this episode. See if I my expectations were met in my review below.

S1E3 "Tahani Al-Jamil"

The episode gets off to a great start, with Eleanor's relationship with Tahani as the focus. Kristin Bell's performance is excellent here, and the scene where the plant wilts was very entertaining. Meanwhile, Janet attempts to use more casual phrases, which is a great way to use her character.

Janet tries fun facts, which gave me some big laughs, pretty much every time she speaks. Later. friendliness slips into overt sexuality for Janet, which is also hilarious. Michael trying to find Chidi a hobby has a couple of good moments, but from my perspective, it is more of a story that's purpose is giving us these hilarious Janet moments.

Eleanor takes some big strides in character development this week, realizing what she does with people she sees as better than her. She exhibits this development when she comforts Tahani. She may not like Tahani, but she will be nice. The episode advances story at the very end, with a big reveal, Jianyu can talk, and he is also not supposed to be in the good place.

This show continues to prove that it could potentially be one of the best sitcoms of this era, with another great episode. The show is funny, and does a great job with character development and story progression.

Score: 10/10

What did you think of "Tahani Al-Jamil"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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