Superstore Season 2 Premiere Review

After last season ended with a cliffhanger in February, Superstore returns to pick up where the first season finale left off.

S2E1 "Strike"

The episode gets off to a great start. Dena tries to prove herself to the regional manager, and that she is worthy of being assistant manager, which is very typical of Dena and very funny. Of course, we also get our classic bickering between Amy and Ben, which mostly is about whether or not they are technically on strike. I loved how the first act ended with the argument continuing, despite increased stakes.

The episode gets funnier when the protest, now official, according to Amy, starts to turn to chaos when the news crew shows up, which is the perfect time, story-wise, for things to go wrong. The group decides to go into the store to stop customers from buying things, which is hilarious.

In the last act, the workers go back to the store throughout the day, and there are some great moments here. The best is when Amy and Dena fight over Sonia like she is a dog, that had me laughing long after it ended. I like how Amy and Ben were left at the end, and didn't want to give up, and that it ended with a "to be continued" of sorts.

This season is off to a strong start, with some hilarious moments, and a story that paces itself well.

Score: 10/10

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