Bull S1E2 Review

The premiere episode had a couple of issues, but lived up to my expectations. Will the second episode improve on the first, as often happens? Read on to see what I thought.

S1E2 "The Woman in 6D"

After a glimpse at the case this week, the episode begins with some of the show's humor, as Bull works on a case with a musician. It was an entertaining way to start. Then, Bull is introduced to this week's case, a female pilot is the only survivor of a plane crash, and is being sued. The episode quickly heads into an interesting subject when they discover that they need to overcome a gender bias to win the case.

After a great scene where the lawyer is fired, and Bull has a great line about a bias he has against lawyers, the trial gets started. The jury is always an interesting part of the show, as we see the different personalities that make up the jury, and how they could help or hurt the case. Something isn't going right, which is a great way for the story to go. They discover the problem, the pilot looks like a woman one juror's husband slept with.

A mystery is solved, and Bull gets the pilot back on board. The way that he does so is interesting, because he really gets into her mind. The pilot does a simulation, and what this reveals is incredibly interesting, revealing the truth about what happened in the air. The episode strategically sets up the case well, with two jurors who need to be won over by the closing argument, and the episode going back to the gender bias it started with.

Unlike last week's episode, this one remained interesting throughout the whole hour. The story was set up very well in its pace, and had the right amount of humor.

Score: 10/10

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