Dancing With the Stars Season 23 Episode 3 Review

Tonight's episode of Dancing with the Stars is short because of the presidential debate. For that reason, we've got Face-Offs instead of normal dances. Let's get to business.

Babyface & Allison Holker Vs. Jana Kramer & Gleb Savchenko- Jive

Jana and Babyface are both pretty good dancers, so this was always going to be close. I thought both underperformed based on their previous performances to be honest.
My Score for Babyface: 6
My Score for Jana: 6
Who I Think Won: Babyface

Vanilla Ice & Witney Carson Vs. Rick Perry & Emma Slater- Paso Doble

Well, this is a match made in heaven. These two are both near the bottom of the pack, and they're friends. After watching Rick dance, I was fairly confident that Vanilla Ice would win this one. Vanilla Ice wasn't exactly fantastic, either. Both were fairly lackluster dances.
My Score for Rick: 5
My Score for Vanilla Ice: 5
Who I think Won: Vanilla Ice

Ryan Lochte & Cheryl Burke Vs. James Hinchcliffe & Sharna Burgess- Cha-Cha

This pairing confused me when first announced, because for me, James is near the top of the pack, and Ryan is near the bottom. I agree with Len, this was Ryan's best dance. Unfortunately,  that was not enough. James was the clear winner.
My Score for Ryan- 6
My Score for James-7
Who I Think Won- James

Terra Jole & Sasha Farber Vs Calvin Johnson & Lindsay Arnold- Viennese Waltz

This pairing actually made sense to me. Terra and Calvin are both pretty good dancers, though I think Terra is a bit better. I thought both did a pretty good job this week. They both had a strong week, so it was quite close.
My Score for Terra: 8
My Score for Calvin: 8
Who I Think Won: Terra
CORRECTION: The earlier version of this accidentally stated my score for Calvin as a 7. I meant to give him an 8.

Maureen McCormick & Artem Chigvintsev Vs. Amber Rose & Maks Chmerkovskiy- Salsa

I wasn't quite sure what to think of this. This was a pretty odd match up. Maureen and Amber are pretty different in basically everything. That really showed in their dances. I thought Maureen's dance resembled a Salsa much better than Ambers did, to be quite honest.

My Score for Maureen- 7
My Score for Amber- 6
Who I Think Won- Maureen

Marilu Henner & Derek Hough Vs. Laurie Hernandez and Val Chmerkovskiy- Tango

These two are among the better of the dancers. They've both done well in previous week (they've both won Best of the Night and Honorable Mention is past weeks), and they did well tonight.  In my opinion, they were the best dancers of the night, and this was a very close one for me.
My Score for Marilu-8
My Score for Laurie-8
Who I Think Won- Marilu

Episode Score: B- (It was waaay too rushed)
With just 6 couples left, Marilu, Ryan, and Babyface were announced as safe. That left Terra, Amber, and Rick as the Bottom 3. Terra was then announced as safe. Just Amber and Rick are left. I believe that these were the right 2 for the Bottom 2 (out of those that lost their Face-Offs). Rick is eliminated, which was deserved.  
Results Night Score: D- (SO. MUCH. FILLER)  

Did the right person go home? Tell me in the comments!

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