Jess's Take: The Thursday Night Conundrum

If you notice, the title is somewhat inspired by The Big Bang Theory. Welcome to the latest installment of Jess's Take. I'm Jessica (JB on Disqus), and I write the CW Renew/Cancel articles as well as the Off Topic threads. On Jess's Take, I express my thoughts and opinions on what goes on in the world of television and film, as well as compare our predicted renewal or cancelation fate for a scripted show with the other sites that predict renewals and cancelations in Renewals and Cancelations editions. The renewal and cancelation sites that we'll compare with this year are: TV By the Numbers, TV Grim Reaper, TVLine, TV Predictor, and TVWatchUS. Last season, we outshone all of the sites in our first year. For all our hard work, we are reaching our second full season on the interwebs. With that being said, I will get around to the headline.

Fall TV Season, So Far
I've titled this "The Thursday Night Conundrum" because this is supposed to be the night where the ad ratings are at their highest, unless you're the CW and your highest rated show is on a Tuesday night. However, I do think Thursday night will be the night where the CW is in play with the DC's Legends of Tomorrow and Supernatural combo, premiering on October 13, especially after seeing the premiere night ratings for Thursday night on the Big 4. Except for Thursday Night Football, Grey's Anatomy, and Superstore, every show was at a 1.4 or lower. That's pretty embarrassing, given that Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday had broadcast shows premiere at a 2.0 and higher. Until Thursday night, Blindspot was a likely candidate for cancelation. Now, Rosewood, Pitch, and Notorious look to be the clear contenders for certain cancelation.

In regards to Pitch, it may be the case that it appeals to a limited demographic. It's also a great example of how incompetent scheduling can produce disastrous results. If I was on Twitter and I said this, this would get heavy #FanExcuseBingo play. However, irrelevant or not, it's a perfectly legitimate statement, especially with the premiere ratings. Even Mark Pedowitz can come up with a better schedule than FOX has, and the CW schedule had mixed reviews. This is a testament to the incompetence of Dana Walden and company, and I think they deserve to be fired. I'm honestly not sure if I'm the only one who has this opinion.

In Other News...
The CW just reached another milestone. Flagship DC superhero show Arrow has received a major syndication deal with TNT, with episodes starting on October 1. That's good news for the youngest broadcast network, as Arrow joins veteran mercenary Supernatural to the TNT lineup. However, this boots canceled ABC show Castle to 5am, and NBC's Grimm off the syndication airwaves.

With that being said, stay tuned for another installment coming soon. Let's throw our frustrations about FOX in the comments below.

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