Designated Survivor S1E2 Review

The first episode covered the night of the attack. This week, the episode covers the first day following it.

S1E2 "The First Day"

The episode shows Kirkman how much needs to be dealt with as a result of the attack, such as the economy potentially collapsing. It also explores racial tension, with the speechwriter getting stopped by police. This is expanded upon when Muslims are rounded up in Michigan, and the governor doesn't consider Kirkman to be president. A tension between him and a governor is a great one to explore.

The second act of the episode introduces the one member of Congress remaining, and she gets along with Kirkman at first, though I am immediately suspicious of her. When chaos erupts in Michigan, Kirkman sees how overwhelming the press can be, and then how dangerous being president is.

Kirkman cracks down on the governor of Michigan, and it is a great scene. He did a great job of taking control, Kiefer Sutherland acted very well in that scene. He has been acting very well throughout the episode, but that scene in particular stood out to me. Another scene that stood out is when he called the parents of the boy who died, though too much action in this show happens over the phone.

Kiefer Sutherland delivered an excellent performance this week. His performance is key to this show's success, so that is good. The biggest issues with the episode are how much news was given over the phone, and how predictable parts were.

Score: 9/10

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