TV Ratings Thursday, September 22: UPDATED with Finals: Superstore Adjusted Up, Notorious Adjusted Down + More

Finals: Upward adjustments came for Grey's Anatomy, Superstore, and The Good Place. They all adjusted up a tenth, to 2.5, 1.5, and 1.4 respectively. Meanwhile, Notorious Adjusted down a single tenth to 1.1, and the CW reruns both adjusted down a tenth to 0.2s. The final numbers for Thursday Night Football is 6.1, up from last week. The table reflects the final ratings, while the analysis below remains unchanged.

Here are the final ratings for Thursday, September 22:

Show (Network)
18-49 Rating
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)

Thursday Night Football Pregame (CBS)

The Flash - R (CW)

Rosewood (FOX)

Superstore (NBC)

Thursday Night Football (CBS)

The Good Place (NBC)

Notorious (ABC)

Supernatural - R (CW)

Pitch (FOX)

Chicago Med (NBC)

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC)

The Blacklist (NBC)

On ABC, Grey's Anatomy returned to a 2.4, up slightly from the 2.3 on which it ended its last season, and down from the 2.8 it scored last year in its season premiere. Notorious premiered to a 1.2, way down from Scandal's season premiere in the timeslot last season, which scored a 3.3, and way worse than the premiere of Designated Survivor a day earlier, which received a 2.2 rating. How to Get Away with Murder started off its season with a 1.4, flat with the 1.4 it earned in its season finale last March, and way down from the 2.6 of last season's premiere.

On FOX, Rosewood scored a 0.7 in its first Thursday airing, down from the 0.8 with which it ended its last season in its Wednesday timeslot, and way down from its series premiere there of 2.4. Pitch premiered to a 1.1, up from the season premiere of Sleepy Hollow in the timeslot last fall, which earned a 1.0 following the season premiere of Bones at 1.4, and worse than the premiere of Lethal Weapon a day earlier, which started out with a 2.2.

On NBC, Superstore started out its second season with a 1.4, flat with the 1.4 it ended on last season in its Monday timeslot, and down from the 2.0 it earned when it premiered following The Voice. The Good Place earned a 1.3 in its Thursday debut, down from Monday's 2.6 at 10:00 and 2.0 at 10:30. Chicago Med began its Thursday airings with a 1.4, down from the 1.6 it ended its first season on, and from its series premiere of 2.2. Both of these airings occurred on Tuesdays following The Voice. The Blacklist moved to 10:00, where it started off with a 1.3, flat with last season's finale's 1.3, and down from last season's premiere's 1.8.

On CBS, Thursday Night Football Pregame scored a 2.7, up from last week's 2.2, and Thursday Night Football earned a 4.3, down from last week's 5.4.

On the CW, reruns of The Flash and Supernatural both earned 0.3 ratings.

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