The Good Place S1E4 Review

This show has quickly become an excellent one, in my opinion, and I can tell it's a show I will be looking forward to every week.

S1E4 "Jason Mendoza"

The episode picks up right where it left off, and introduces some hilarious things, such as that Jianyu, who is actually names Jason, is Filipino instead of Taiwanese and is stupid. Eleanor has some more great moments, such as when she asks if "knowing yourself" means masturbation. Michael also has a great scene, when he says that he wants to wear suspenders.

Jason is very funny, and the story he wants to tell is funny. It was also funny how Eleanor didn't get a meal because her favorite meal was supposedly a hunger strike she went on.

Eleanor and Chidi try to get Jason to learn to become a good person, and there are some very funny moments here, such as when Jason refuses the offer for Chidi to help, and when Eleanor calls Chidi a nerd. Some of the scenes between Michael and Tahani aren't funny, and that includes the last one. At the end of the episode, Jason has some hilarious questions about Chidi's school.

This episode had a weaker storyline with Michael and Tahani, but there were still plenty of great moments from Eleanor and Jason to make this a really good episode.

Score: 8.5/10

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