FOX Renew/Cancel Watch: Scream Queens Is Likely To Be...

Renewed. I know, it just hit a 0.7 and under 2 million viewers. Those are abysmal numbers, there's no way around it. But according to their press release, the premiere episode was up 73% in 3-day multi-platform audience. There is an audience for Scream Queens, it just isn't on linear television. Could it become a streaming-only show? Possibly. Move to FX? Possibly. Stay on FOX? Again, possibly. If it were hitting 0.5s and not seeing such big gains, I would probably have to change my prediction, but for now, I don't think another 10-13 episodes would hurt. Here's the full table and some more analysis:

Certain Cancelation
Likely Cancelation
Likely Renewal
Certain Renewal 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
New Girl

Scream Queens

The Last Man On Earth
The Exorcist

Son of Zorn
The Simpsons

Family Guy

Lethal Weapon

The Simpsons and Family Guy
Family Guy will go on as long as Seth MacFarlane wants it to, and The Simpsons may just go on until the cast physically isn't able to do it anymore. They don't rate what they used to, and nothing does. They're not going anywhere, and pretty much anyone could tell you that.

Son of Zorn and The Last Man On Earth
Son of Zorn collapsed in Week 2, all the way down to a 1.1 L+SD rating. But since it's airing with football for the next few weeks, I wouldn't get concerned just yet. Expect a quick decision due to its part-animated nature, so if it goes fractional it might go straight to likely cancellation, no time to put it in the 'Watching' category. Meanwhile, The Last Man On Earth actually premiered fractional, but Will Forte continues to get award nominations for them, and if it's still the streaming player that it was in its first season, I don't think it's leaving the schedule. But it's really starting to make other shows look good, and due to its serialized nature I can see it dipping even lower, hence the 'Watching' label.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Brooklyn Nine-Nine is doing better this season than I expected it to, self-starting with a 1.0 on the troubled Tuesday night. While that's not necessarily good on the surface, it's definitely the strongest linear Tuesday show for the network. It could get hurt by The Middle, but the two shows are different enough that I don't think there will be much overlap. The only thing holding it in the 'Watching' category is the fact that they don't own it. 

What's Next?
Look to see how The Exorcist holds up in Week 2. Will its prediction change? Time will tell.

Quick Note
Bob's Burgers is already renewed, hence its absence from the table.

What do you think of my predictions? Let me know, and make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below! If you liked this article, make sure to share it with your fellow ratings friends! 

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