Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 2 Review

The end of the last episode left us on a bit of a cliffhanger. Let's see how they resolve it this week!

Well, #5 is alive. She somehow was not killed by the killer (very fishy). The detective believes her to be the prime suspect, despite the fact that she was locked in the bathtub. Everyone pegs #5 as a suspect, because of their dislike for her.

We meet a new patient at the Institute, Tyler. He has tumors all over his (formerly attractive) body, and #5 believes this to be her chance to date someone attractive. They start to form a bond, and #5 even tries to help raise money for his surgery (aww, young love). But then, when at a restaurant, #5 goes full psycho on some guys that made fun of Tyler.

Chanel and #3 tested Tyler to see if he could actually form a romantic born with someone as hideous as #5. And he passed, which means that Chanel will pay for Tyler's surgery. Unfortunately, Tyler's surgery never comes to be, as her is murdered by the Green Monster just before the Chanels arrive.

Payday and Chamberlain check out the hospital's archives, and find out about a massacre that occurred their on Halloween night in 1986. They question Munsch about it, and she confesses that she had anterior motives for opening the hospital. You see, she's experiencing headaches and other symptoms, and nobody knows what the heck is going on. She wants to be able to find a cure, and think this is her only hope.

Zayday figures out (somehow) that Cathy has an incurable disease called a kuru, and that she's only got 1 year to live.  Cathy wants to keep this all a secret, but Ingrid, who suspected that something was up with Cathy, placed a bug in Cathy's office and hears everything (I smell trouble).

We also get to witness the glorious return of Chad (dressed as a Red Devil), and Chad discovers some troubling things about Dr. Holt. His hand is from a serial killing Squash champion.

Denise also returns, and (of course) talks about how awful she thinks Zayday is. (I just loved Denise's Quantico plug, as well. That was more entertaining than Quantico itself.) At her advice, Munsch and the Chanels go visit our favorite lunatic, Hester. Hester knows exactly who the killer is. There's one major problem, however- she won't tell us who it is. Not unless her list of demands is met.

In other Cathy-related news, she herself gets attacked by the Green Monster (this woman is really batting a thousand today). She fights him (or her?) off, but is unable to unmask them (thanks, Cassidy and #3).

This was a great episode. They've recaptured the magic of last season with the returns of Chad, Denise, and Hester. I never realized how awesome those characters are before, but they're a huge part of why this show works. Plus, I need a Denise spin-off. That would just be amazing.

Numerical Score: 9.5/10
Grade: A

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