Scream Queens Season 2 Premiere Review

It's finally time for the season premiere of Scream Queens! But I'll be honest: I wasn't too sure about the hospital theme when it was first announced. Let's find out if the premiere did season 1 any justice.

The episode starts out on Halloween in 1985. We're introduced to a bunch of new characters at the hospital. The character played by Jerry O'Connell and another woman takes a man out to a swamp and lets a man die. Then they go back to the party, because they're great at their jobs.

In 2016, we meet Cassidy Cascade and Brock Holt. They work at Dean Dr. Cathy Munsch's new hospital. Cathy's a big celebrity now. We find out that the Chanels are famous now, due to a Netflix documentary. Hester is taken away after confessing on tape, because she's a complete lunatic. Cathy tracks down Zayday, and asks her to come work for her. Payday agrees.

Zayday meets Brock and Cassidy. Brock has lost a hand, and we find out that it's because of a Super Bowl incident. He dropped his Harvard ring down a drain at a Super Bowl party, and his hand was cut off by the garbage disposal. The trio is now working with a patient that is incredibly hairy. A Candy Striper comes in, embarrasses the hairy woman, and she threatens to leave. At the urging of Zayday, she stays.

After the commercial, we are finally reintroduced to the Chanels. They are trying to redeem themselves. Chanel is complaining about how sucky their lives are when Cathy pulls up. She wants them to become medical students at her hospital. They agree. When they arrive, Zayday is shocked, but excited to see them.

The Chanels then try to explain what the term ghosting means. Then they go to talk to "Werewolf Girl", and she also has opinions about ghosting. They talk to her about potential care options. We then meet Ingrid. She does not like Chanel. At all. The Chanels are put on Academic Probation by Cathy, because of their behavior with the patient.

Brock checks out Catherine's diet, and decides to put her on a soy diet. He puts an end to the surgery. When we see Catherine next, she looks waaaaay different. She is completely bald. In #5's words, she looks like a large baby. The Chanels decide to give her a makeover. After the makeover, she looks great.

Ingrid has a "special plan" for the Chanels. Which sounds pretty bad for them. Chanel #5 gives Catherine hydrotherapy. They get locked in, because #5 is quite stupid. A green monster comes in and decapitates Catherine.
Grade: B+
Numerical Grade: 8/10

Overall, this was a pretty good premiere. It started off a bit slow, but it picked up towards the end. By the end, it felt like the show I knew and loved. I'm excited for the rest of the season.
Did you guys enjoy the premiere? Let me know in the comments!

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