Sunday TV Ratings: Big Brother Hits Low

The ABC Fall Preview Special - 1.1
College Football: Notre Dame Vs. Texas (7:30) - 2.9
60 Minutes (R) - 0.6
Big Brother - 1.3
Madam Secretary (R) - 0.3
Braindead  - 0.3
Sprint Cup Series: Bojangles’ Southern 500 - 0.8

The Simpsons (R) - 0.4
Bob’s Burgers (R) - 0.4
The Simpsons (R) - 0.5
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (R) - 0.5
Family Guy (R) - 0.6
The Last Man on Earth (R) - 0.4

ABC got rid of their game shows and said hello to College Football (2.9) which for now easily topped the night, earlier in the night they had an ABC Fall Preview Special (1.1) which might adjust down heavily, but for now did pretty well. The only other scripted show, Big Brother (1.3) got massacred by the Labor Day weekend, this goes below it's airings against the Olympics and it's Friday airing, though the repeats surrounding it, 60 Minutes (0.6) and Madam Secretary (0.3) performed about the same as usual as did Braindead (0.3). NBC had the Sprint Cup Series (0.8) which did decent. And just one week before FOX unveils a Son of Zorn preview, they had one more round of repeats with The Simpsons (0.4), Bob's Burgers (0.4), The Simpsons (0.5), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (0.5), Family Guy (0.6), and The Last Man on Earth (0.4). Bob's Burgers and Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be preempted next week, Bob's will return for one last repeat on the week before it's premiere, while Brooklyn will air the rest of it's repeats on Tuesday. 

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