TV Ratings Sunday, September 25: UPDATED with Finals: Once Upon a Time, NCIS: Los Angeles Adjusted Up, The Simpsons, Son of Zorn Adjusted Down + More

Finals: Once Upon a Time and NCIS: Los Angeles both adjusted up a single tenth, to 1.3 and 1.5 respectively. This puts Once Upon a Time up from its previous season finale. 60 Minutes adjusted up three tenths to 2.6. Aside from The Last Man on Earth, everything in FOX adjusted down. The Family Guy rerun adjusted down three tenths to 0.8, The Simpsons adjusted down two tenths to 1.4, and the rest adjusted down a single tenth. That brings Bob's Burgers to 1.2, Son of Zorn to 1.1, and Family Guy to 1.3. Bob's Burgers is now flat with its previous season premiere, The Simpsons is now down from its previous season premiere. The final football-related numbers are 3.1 for Football Night in America, 7.6 for Sunday Night Football, and 5.3 for the football overrun on CBS. The table reflects the final ratings, while the analysis below refers to the preliminary ratings.

Here are the final ratings for Sunday, September 25:

Show (Network)
18-49 Rating
Once Upon a Time - Recap (ABC)

NFL overrun (CBS)

Family Guy - R (FOX)

Football Night in America (NBC)

Bob’s Burgers (FOX)

Once Upon a Time (ABC)

60 Minutes (CBS)

The Simpsons (FOX)

Son of Zorn (FOX)

Sunday Night Football (NBC)

Secrets & Lies (ABC)

NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)

 Family Guy (FOX)

The Last Man on Earth (FOX) 


On ABC, a Once Upon a Time recap show lead off the night with a 0.6, followed by the season premiere of Once Upon a Time, earning a 1.2, flat with its previous season finale, but down from the 1.8 it earned in its previous season premiere. Secrets & Lies followed, after a whole season of not airing since its first season. It returned to a 1.0, down from both the previous season premiere, 1.3, and finale, 1.8. Finally, Quantico returned to a 1.0, flat with its first season finale, and down from the 1.9 of its series premiere.

On FOX, a rerun of Family Guy at 7:00 scored a 1.1. Then, the season premiere of Bob's Burgers got a 1.3, up from the 1.0 of its previous season finale and from the 1.2 of its previous season premiere. The Simpsons earned a 1.6, up from last season's finale, at 1.1, and premiere, at 1.5. Son of Zorn earned a 1.2, way down from its first airing, which got a large football lead-in. It was also down from the season premiere of Brooklyn Nine-Nine in that timeslot a year ago, which earned a 1.5. Family Guy scored a 1.4, up from its season finale's 1.2, and down from the 1.5 of its previous season premiere. The Last Man on Earth earned a 0.9, flat with its previous season finale, but down from its previous season premiere, which earned a 1.4. These numbers could potentially be inflated due to football overrun.

On CBS, football ran over by almost an hour, and in that hour it scored a 5.4. 60 Minutes then earned a 2.3, and NCIS: Los Angeles started out its Sunday airing with two-hour premiere and a 1.4. which would make it up from the 1.3 of its previous season finale and the 1.2 of its previous season premiere.

On NBC, Football Night in America scored a 3.4, followed by Sunday Night Football with a 6.8.

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