CW Renew/Cancel: Preseason Predictions

Hello peeps! It's Jessica, and it's about a month before the CW Renew/Cancel Watch returns with new predictions. As revealed at the end of last season, the Watch is getting a little bit of a makeover. Nothing much has changed since the end of May, but The Vampire Diaries is officially ending after this season. Hence on the table, it has been noted that the upcoming season is the final season.

Let's get to the Watch!

Renew/Cancel Watch Key

💀     - DSW (Dead Show Walking)/Effectively Canceled
😳     - Certain to be Canceled
😢😢    - Likely to be Canceled
😐😐😐   - Watching
😊😊😊😊  - Likely to be Renewed

😃😃😃😃😃 - Certain to be Renewed

Show  Prediction
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
The Flash 😃😃😃😃😃
Jane the Virgin 😃😃😃😃😃 
No Tomorrow
The Vampire Diaries final season

The Third Season Conundrum
Jane the Virgin: Certain to be renewed for a third season. If Reign was renewed with a shortened third season episode order, than so can Jane the Virgin. Although I should name it just Jane, as it is rumored that she is no longer a virgin in the upcoming season.

The Flash: Also certain to be renewed for a third season. It will be one more season away until it hits traditional syndication.

Supergirl and the New Shows
Since No Tomorrow is a CBS show, my preseason prediction is "likely to be renewed". Based on the performances of past CBS shows with high rated lead-ins, if No Tomorrow gets at least Beauty and the Beast's first season numbers, it should do fine. 

I don't know how Supergirl would do right off the bat, since it's too soon to tell. Repeats are currently pulling in the 0.2-0.3 range, which is somewhat underwhelming. If it gets a 0.6, that will still be a major improvement over Crazy Ex.

Frequency may underwhelm post Arrow, but it's too soon to tell if it would exceed expectations. I got it as a toss up.

The Respectable Veterans
To be honest, I think only Arrow and Supernatural are likely to get renewed from the returning shows that are not third season shows. The only thing that can keep them from getting renewed is that either ratings tank, or that there's cast and crew fatigue setting in. Fans of either show shouldn't worry about their fates just yet. Y'all can rest easy! 

The Not-So-Promising Veterans 
To be honest, I don't see a plausible scenario in which Crazy Ex-Girlfriend can get renewed for a third season unless either ratings improve drastically (unlikely!), it moves to summer (possible), or it moves to CW Seed. It just got moved to Friday in the same timeslot as The Carrie Diaries. It's also capped at 13 episodes for season 2, like The Carrie Diaries was. That is not a vote of confidence from the network, but kudos to its PR department for letting us know it's a critical hit. However, critical acclaim eventually fades after a while unless it's still kept fresh. Nevertheless, I got it as a likely cancelation. 

DC's Legends of Tomorrow underwhelmed expectations last season. It's starting at 13 episodes currently, with the option for a backorder. I currently have it as a toss up. Let's hope that it doesn't get completely crushed by Thursday Night Football. If it underwhelms again, expect either Riverdale to self-start, or a move to 8pm for Supernatural. Another scenario can see a Riverdale/iZombie combo push the veteran mercenary back to either Wednesday (if Frequency bombs) or Friday. 

Since we have about a month left until some CW shows premiere. Until then, let's do some speculation in the comments. 

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