ABC Orders Jardiance: The Musical: The Series


It's the little pill with a big story to tell, and it's making its way to primetime TV! ABC has ordered "Jardiance The Musical: The Series" straight-to-series in an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of the ad campaign. Throughout 2024, Jardiance has carried out an impressive ad campaign that features a riveting song-and-dance number about lowering your A1C. Deanna Colón will reprise the role she plays in the commercial, serving as the main protagonist who struggles with type 2 diabetes. Colón has previously appeared on the primetime cooking series MasterChef, so she is no stranger to working on the small screen. Danny DeVito has been enlisted to voice the talking Jardiance pill who will follow Colón's character around and give her daily advice in the vein of an imaginary friend. DeVito, as the Jardiance pill, will be by her side in the office, at the gym, and in the park where musical numbers are often held. "We are very excited to work with Jardiance," said an unnamed ABC executive. "This little pill really does have a big story to tell, and that's why we are giving it the chance to tell its story in a weekly, hour-long format." Critics have been vocal about their disdain for what they see as an "hour-long drug commercial", while others are intrigued by the idea of turning a minute-long commercial into a full-length series.

What are your thoughts on this fake news? Will you be tuning in to watch "Jardiance: The Musical: The Series"? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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