Marietta Season 4 Episode 7 - ...Baby One More Time

Marietta Season 4, Episode 7
...Baby One More Time

Tammy and Amy are talking at Tammy’s desk when Marietta rushes into City Hall.

Amy: You have quite the pep in your step on this Thursday morning. What’s that about?

Marietta: Can’t I just be happy for no apparent reason?

Tammy: In our experience, no.

Marietta: I think I’m a very positive person!

Tammy: So-so.

Marietta: You two love giving me a hard time.

Amy: It’s such fun.

Tammy: Is there really no reason you’re in such a good mood today?

Marietta: Oh, there is. Kyle and Maria are coming to family dinner this weekend.

Tammy: It’s quite funny how it’s big news for you to get to have dinner with your own son, but I guess they are quite busy with the baby.

Marietta: I know the same thing happened to you when your kids had kids. You complained about it all the time.

Tammy: Me? Complaining?

Amy: It is hard to imagine.

Marietta: Anyway, Tammy, I know you come every week, but I wanted to know if you also wanted to come, Amy. It’ll be a nice night.

Amy: I don’t have anything else going on, sure.

Marietta: We’re going to have so much fun!

Amy: We’re at work, we don’t talk about fun here. This is where fun goes to die.

Marietta: We have fun! Look at our little Christmas tree! We’re fun!

Amy: There’s nothing even on the tree. It’s bare.

Marietta: I haven’t had time to decorate it.

Amy: It’s not like you’ve been busy.

Marietta: What is this, “Pick on Marietta Day?”

Amy: Yes, and it’s my favorite holiday.

Marietta: I’m so glad to have friends like the two of you.

Tammy: You’re so lucky to have us!

Amy: Well, she’s lucky to have me.

Two days later…

Patty Lynn: Amy, you’re here early!

Amy: Am I the first one here?

Milton: I’m here!

Amy: I’m glad someone else is punctual.

Milton: Not intentionally. I just got the time wrong.

Kathleen: I believe you, since no one would ever voluntarily show up here before they were expected.

Martin: You showed up here when you weren’t expected at all and you haven’t left since.

Kathleen: If you want me to leave, I can!

Patty Lynn: No… don’t…

Milton: I just heard a car pull up!

Amy: It’s not yet six, so we have at least fifteen minutes until Marietta would be getting here. It must be Tammy.

Milton: It could be Kyle and Maria.

Kathleen: Kyle was raised by Marietta. If they are here now, it’s because of Maria.

There is a knock at the door.

Patty Lynn: Are you all just going to stand there staring at it, or will someone open it?

Milton: I’ll get it, dear!

Patty Lynn: I can always count on you! And only you.

Milton: What about me?

Patty Lynn: You’re too busy listening to cars. I love you, though.

Martin: Come on in!

Marietta: Wow, it feels nice to be early!

Kathleen: Marietta is early? I’m about to go into cardiac arrest.

Sarah: She had to rush me this time! She’s very excited.

Marietta: It’s a fun family day! I love a fun family day! Also…

Milton: This should be good.

Marietta: Kyle said he has something exciting to tell us. I think they finally found a house!

Sarah: That’s why you’re so excited? I thought something huge was happening or something.

Marietta: That is huge! They’ve been living in a little apartment for years, it’ll be so nice to see them move into a place that’s big enough for their family.

Milton: Why didn’t you just let them move into your place?

Marietta: Why do you hate Tammy so much?

Milton: Huh?

Marietta: I’d have to kick Tammy out of my place to let Kyle move in. Come on, use your head.

Milton: I’m asking why you didn’t ask Kyle if he wanted to stay at your place before you asked Tammy.

Marietta: I asked him years ago, and he said no. He wants to make it on his own.

Kathleen: That’s quite admirable.

Patty Lynn: Sure is…

Kathleen: Why are you looking at me like that?

Patty Lynn: Oh, no reason.

Kathleen: Martin, she’s scaring me.

Martin: You should be scared.

There is a knock at the door.

Marietta: Maybe that’s Kyle!

Patty Lynn: I might as well get that while I’m up.

Patty Lynn opens the door.

Tammy: Hello, everyone!

Sarah: Ah man, it’s just the former President and First Lady of the United States. Nothing special about that!

Mitch: You guys do make me feel that way, and I love it. I’m no one special, just part of the group. Everyone else always makes me feel awkward when they faun all over me.

Tammy: We know, Mitch, you’re a relatable guy. Who just so happened to once have the nuclear launch codes

Mitch: Thank you, it’s nice to be heard.

Marietta: I’m just waiting for Kyle to fina-

Kyle: Sorry we’re late, everyone!

Milton: Well, you didn’t have to wait long, Marietta!

Amy: I’m assuming Kyle inherited Marietta’s uncanny ability to never be on time.

Maria: I haven’t been feeling too well today, that’s why we were late. We only got here as soon as we dig because Kyle got Katharine ready.

Kathleen: My namesake looks so cute today in her little sweater!

Kyle: She isn’t named after you, aunt Kathleen.

Patty Lynn: Ha!

Martin: I hope you’re feeling better, Maria.

Maria: I’m feeling well enough to come here and eat, not 100% though. I’ll get through it.

Kyle: Just give her a couple months and she’ll be good as new!

Marietta: I highly doubt it’ll take anywhere near that long. Just get her some rest and she’ll be good as new in a few days.

Patty Lynn: Dinner’s ready!

Marietta: That should help you feel better! Mom’s cooking always makes me feel better.

Milton: Did you just say something nice about mom? Are you okay?

Sarah: She isn’t always miserable. Just around you.

Milton: That actually sounds about right.

Twenty minutes later…

Mitch: A question just popped into my mind - what is Amy doing here?

Amy: You’re quite the charmer.

Mitch: I’m just wondering! You rarely come to these dinners.

Amy: Kyle doesn’t come either and you’re not asking about him.

Mitch: He’s in their family, though.

Amy: And you are?

Martin: Everyone in this room is family.

Kyle: I actually want to talk a bit about family.

Marietta: One second, dear. Amy and Mitch fighting is extremely entertaining.

Sarah: I agree with Marietta.

Patty Lynn: Aunt Marietta! Respect your elders!

Marietta: Mom, I really don’t mind. her just using my first name.

Patty Lynn: I do!

Marietta: I tried, Sarah.

Kyle: Can I share now?

Maria: Honey, I think I’m getting sick again. I need to use the bathroom.

Patty Lynn: Oh, you never said it was a stomach problem! I would've gotten you something to eat other than shrimp gumbo. That spice will upset any stomach, especially when your stomach is already upset.

Maria: It’s not your fault, don’t feel bad. Now, I gotta go. I’m sorry, the food’s incredible

Kyle: I’m going to go with. I don’t want her to suffer alone.

Patty Lynn: I think that’s so sweet.

Sarah: It’s so gross.

Milton: Love is not gross!

Sarah: Speaking of love, where’s Moira?

Amy: That’s a good question. I haven’t seen her in a while.

Marietta: Milton let another one go. What a shock!

Milton: I did not! She’s just busy this weekend. We don’t spend every second together.

Marietta: But you can only see her two days a week so as it is. You should be enjoying that time together.

Milton: We spend plenty of time together!

Sarah: It’s true, they do. It makes me sick.

Martin: Can we stop grilling Milton? He’s clearly uncomfortable. Just let him eat!

Amy: I was uncomfortable earlier, but Marietta reveled in that.

Tammy: I am uncomfortable so often. Mainly because I’m in the middle of it all.

Kathleen: Are we allowed to continue eating while they’re away?

Patty Lynn: Kathleen, she’s in there puking her guts out. What do you think?

Kathleen: I cautiously think yes, it’s okay to keep eating.

Patty Lynn: That is so rude!

Martin: It’s not like she’ll be out and ready to eat any time…

Kathleen: Thank you, Martin!

Patty Lynn: Fine, eat if you want. I won’t. I respect my guests.

Ten minutes later…

Sarah: Should I collect the dishes?

Patty Lynn: I’m not ready to wash them. I’m still waiting for them to come out.

Kathleen: Your food must be cold as ice.

Sarah: I can just put the dishes in the dishwasher.

Patty Lynn: You want to put my good dishes in the dishwasher? Are you serious?

Sarah: What’s wrong with that?

Marietta: Stop right now unless you want a long rant about dishwashers.

Sarah: I listened to the president rant about toilets, I can listen to grandma rant about dishwashers.

Marietta: Don’t compare the two.

Kathleen: Yeah, your grandmother is far more insane than the president.

Maria: I’m so sorry about that, guys. I didn’t think I was that sick anymore. I didn’t mean to ruin dinner.

Patty Lynn: Ruin? You didn’t ruin anything.

Kathleen: She let her food get cold for you, so if she’s saying you didn’t ruing dinner, believe her.

Maria: Kyle, I think we should tell them.

Patty Lynn: Tell us what? Are you more sick than you let on? Is it cancer? Oh, lord, please no!

Kyle: Grandma, calm down. No one is dying.

Patty Lynn: So it’s treatable!

Milton: Mom! You’re not helping!

Martin: Let them talk, Patty Lynn.

Maria: Can we go in the living room?

Marietta: I know what it is and I am so excited./

Patty Lynn: Why are you excited for her to be sick? That’s horrifying! I raised you better than that!

Marietta: Mom, let’s let them talk.

Kathleen: I hope it’s not divorce, but if it is, I have tips for both of you.

Martin: We know you’re quite experienced in that arena.

Kathleen: How very dare you?

Martin: It’s true! Even you said it.

Milton: You’re digging yourself into a hole.

Martin: I know.

Maria: Is everyone in the living room?

Mitch: Is there enough room for us to all sit?

Tammy: Yes, now sit your ass down and listen. I know it’s hard for you, but just try.

Amy: Wow! She’s pissed.

Mitch: I don’t know why!

Tammy: I’m tired of hearing complaining! From all of you! Just let them talk!

Milton: I think that’s wise advice.

Kyle: So everyone’s in here now?

Marietta: Yes, we are ready for story time!

Kyle: Go ahead, honey. You can start.

Maria: We have some really exci-

Patty Lynn: I feel like Eliza should be here for this. It seems important.

Milton: Mom, shut up!

Patty Lynn: Sorry…

Maria: We have exciting news to share. We wanted to wait until we seemed to be out of the clear, but -

Marietta: You bought a house! I can’t wait to see it! I need pictures!

Kyle: Um…

Marietta: Did I spoil the surprise?

Martin: They look sad.

Milton: I haven’t seen someone that sad since I told Ellie that I don’t watch Ballers.

Maria: We did not buy a house.

Marietta: I’m sorry! I really thought it was that!

Maria: It’s understandable, we’ve been talking about it for a while.

Kyle: If it helps, our actual news is far more exciting. Like, far, far more.

Maria: This isn’t expected, I know, but we’ve been thinking about it for a while and it finally came to fruition. We’re going to have another baby.

Patty Lynn: Oh my god!

Marietta: Let me clarify before hyperventilating: you are currently pregnant, right? You’r not just announcing that you’re trying to have another baby?

Maria: Yes, I’m pregnant! Three months along.

Marietta: This is amazing!

Milton: Does Katharine know?

Marietta: Milton, she’s right here. How could she not know?

Milton: I didn’t realize!

Kyle: We told her right before we came over. I don’t know if she quite understands what’s going on, but she seems excited.

Patty Lynn: I’m very excited about this, but I’m also thrilled to know that my cooking isn’t what made you throw up!

Maria: I think it did upset my stomach a bit, but I’m not mad about it. I knew the risks.

Marietta: I knew there was a good reason you were coming over!

Milton: You thought they were buying a house.

Marietta: I was close!

Milton: Were you?

Amy: She was not.

Martin: So, how did you decide to try for another? You never mentioned it to any of us.

Kyle: We didn’t want too long of a gap between kids. We figured a couple years was ideal, especially since we might want another down the line.

Maria: This one was planned but also wasn’t, if you know what I mean. We were tailing about it, but didn’t decide for sure, and then it happened and we know that’s how it was meant to go.

Patty Lynn: It’s a blessing from God. This baby was meant to come into our lives at this time.

Kyle: Be the way, we’re going to call Eliza about it next. I didn’t want to invite her here without asking you first.

Patty Lynn: Invite anyone you want! There’s always room at grandma’s!

Marietta: Take it from me: don’t give him that option. Next thing you know, he’ll be inviting a girl over every single day to hang out.

Maria: I think that worked out pretty well, don’t you think?

Marietta: I would say so!

Sarah: I think I need to go do the dishes.

Patty Lynn: Remember, no dishwasher!

Kathleen: These three still haven’t finished dinner.

Patty Lynn: Darn! I knew I was forgetting something.

Kyle: Let’s go eat together, the four of us.

Maria: Honey, that was so corny.

Kyle: I know, I felt bad about it the second it came out of my mouth.

Maria: At least you know, that’s what’s important.

Marietta: I already have the perfect family Halloween costume planned out for all of us next year.

Kyle: Mom… one step at a time.

Marietta: Sorry, sorry.

Kyle: That’s something I’d expect from grandma.

Patty Lynn: You’re more like me every day!

Marietta: I’ve never been more frightened.

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