HBO Max Renew/Cancel: The Prince Is In Danger On A Platform Where Continuations Dominate

Below is a table of audience demand multipliers as reported by Parrot Analytics for HBO Max’s original series. A 1.0 multiplier is the average for all shows past and present, and is updated on a rolling 30-day basis. The numbers seen in this table are as reported on November 12, 2021. Let us know what you think by leaving a reaction and comment!

Young Justice
Young Justice is by far the most-demanded HBO Max original of shows that are in the midst of seasons. A renewal seems imminent given the high multiplier and international success. Thematically, it fits in well with two of HBO Max’s other high-performing shows, Titans and Doom Patrol. Thanks in part to Young Justice, HBO Max’s five most-demanded originals are all continuations. There is clearly an audience for these shows that have followed the show to the subscription service, but the brand new shows lag behind a bit. 

Head of the Class
HBO Max has been lenient with renewals, barely canceling any shows in the past. It’s doubtful that Head of the Class joins the small group of canceled shows so quickly with a multiplier that, while not stellar, is still higher than every ongoing show sans Young Justice. 

Similar to Head of the Class, Gen:Lock has a multiplier that could be improved upon, but could also easily be worse. It’s far from HBO Max’s most successful continuation, and is only partially distributed by Warner Bros., making it not as safe a bet for renewal as some other shows in the table. 

Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?
Scooby-Doo and Guess Who? has the second-highest audience demand multiplier for HBO Max kids’ shows, of those with known multipliers. HBO Max has renewed many shows for doing less; just look at Tom and Jerry in New York. It’d be surprising to see Scooby-Doo and Guess Who? not come back. 

The Prince
The Prince’s rollout has been unfortunate, to say the least. It was pushed back due to the death of Prince Phillip, and when it finally premiered, reviews were not great. The audience demand multiplier reflects this; it’s lower than all HBO Max non-kids originals that have yet to be officially canceled. All episodes were released at once in late July, and nothing has been said about it since. At this point, it seems as though it’d be more trouble than it’s worth for HBO Max to order a second season. 

Generation is one of the few shows HBO Max has canceled so far, and the audience demand multiplier does not indicate they should’ve done differently. A renewal was predicted solely because of how often HBO Max renewed shows, but Generation makes clear there is a bar to clear. 

Esme & Roy
Esme & Roy remains a predicted cancelation. As time goes on, it looks even less likely that another season will be ordered. 

Tig n’ Seek
Tig n’ Seek’s audience demand multiplier is anemic, but it’s been renewed before at these same numbers. While a cancelation was predicted last time around, it appears HBO Max is doubling down on kids programming, which is a factor that will likely not hurt Tig n’ Seek this time. 

South Side and Ten Year Old Tom
Not much is known about either of these shows; Parrot Analytics has yet to put up pages reporting on their audience demand, and it is unclear who distributes the shows. It’s more than likely that WarnerMedia Direct or Warner Bros. Television Distribution is behind the shows, but it would be irresponsible to assume such. South Side is produced by Comedy Central Productions, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Both shows are listed as Toss-Ups due to lack of information. 

Little Ellen
Like South Side and Ten Year Old Tom, not much is known about the ratings for Little Ellen. This show was one of many ordered by HBO Max in late 2019, before accusations of Ellen DeGeneras put into question her public persona. Even if the show does well, HBO Max will have to question if they want to continue to portray Ellen as a role model for children. My guess on that front is no. 

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