TVRG Productions November News Day: Pitch Your Own Show, Marietta and Our House Midseason Finale Dates, The Princess Royal News, Bar Exam Movie Premiere Date


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Season 1 of The Princess Royal will conclude on Sunday, December 5. 

Season 4 of Marietta will have its midseason finale on Monday, December 6.

Season 4 of Our House will have its midseason finale on Thursday, December 9. 

The Princess Royal Season 2

The Princess Royal will return for a second season, with a premiere date to be determined in the future. 

The Bar Exam Movie

The Bar Exam Movie: Welcome To SugarCity will be posted on Sunday, December 12. Here is the official synopsis:

Re-election to the Indiana State Legislature is on the line, and Reagan realizes SugarCity is very active in local politics. She gathers Lorenzo, Chase, Adam, Sam, Madison, Lincoln, and a reluctant Harry to take a trip to SugarCity’s headquarters to try to raise money for their re-elections. During their visit, shocking revelations arise about their own public image, as well as the way SugarCity is run. After meeting with both the CEO and a factory line worker, the group must decide between fighting for better working conditions and saving their political careers. 

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