Marietta Season 4 Episode 6 - thank u, next

Marietta Season 4, Episode 6
thank u, next

Marietta, Tammy and Amy are in the French Quarter after appearing at a gallery opening.

Amy: It’s such a beautiful fall day.

Tammy: It is, but I miss fall in New York. It’s not the same here.

Amy: Yeah, it smells better.

Tammy: Chappaqua smells and looks gorgeous this time of year.

Amy: Once you’re about an hour away from Chappaqua, however…

Marietta: I hate to break it to you, Amy, but New Orleans isn’t the freshest scent on earth, either. We quite literally are a mixture of dirty river and dirty ocean with a bit of bayou mixed in. That’s not a good smell.

Amy: But it’s our smell!

Tammy: Anyway, ladies, enough arguing about nasal nightmares. Thanksgiving’s in a few days. Any plans?

Amy: We’re supposed to visit Don’s family in New Mexico.

Marietta: Since when do they live there?

Amy: His sister’s lived there for a long time, she’s hosting it this year.

Marietta: I’m sure you’re thrilled to go.

Amy: I’ve filled my suitcase with Klonopin and wine.

Marietta: That’s the responsible way to go about things.

Tammy: What are you doing for Thanksgiving, Marietta?

Marietta: I think you know.

Tammy: Patty Lynn’s making dinner again?

Marietta: She insists upon it. I thought you would be coming again.

Tammy: I figured she’d ask me about coming if she wanted Mitch and I there. I didn’t want to be rude, so I didn’t ask her about it.

Marietta: I’m certain that she just forgot. I actually don’t think she even officially asked me. She is having it, though. She keeps talking about all the food she’s making.

Tammy: Well, you have fun!

Marietta: Do you want to come over?

Tammy: Oh, no. I usually would, but Mitch already bought a turkey and he’s very excited to deep fry it.

Marietta: Please don’t burn my house down.

Tammy: I will try. If I do, though, at least we have a few years to rebuild it!

Marietta: Notice how I’m not laughing.

Amy: I thought it was very funny.

Marietta: Good for you.

Amy: You look happy and healthy.

Tammy: Not me.

Amy: If y-

Marietta: I beg of you, please stop.

Amy: You’re no fun.

Marietta: I know.

Three days later, on Thanksgiving…

Marietta: Sarah, can you open the door?

Sarah: We didn’t knock yet.

Marietta: They know we’re coming, just open it.

Sarah: I don’t want to barge in, what if they’re having a private conversation?

Marietta: Sarah, I am holding a hot casserole in my hands! Open the door.

Sarah: Fine…

Marietta and Sarah walk into Patty Lynn and Martin’s house.

Kathleen: Welcome!

Marietta: Is my mother in the kitchen?

Martin: Working hard!

Patty Lynn: Is that Marietta?

Martin: It sure is!

Sarah: I’m here, too!

Marietta: Where should I put my casserole?

Kathleen: Just set it on the table.

Marietta: It’s hot, will that mess up the table?

Kathleen: I’ll grab a cooling rack from the kitchen, hold on.

Patty Lynn: I can get it.

Kathleen: You're busy with the tur-

Eliza: We’re he-ere!

Patty Lynn: Oh, Eliza!

Kathleen: She’s now completely distracted, guess I’m grabbing it after all.

Marietta: Please hurry, I am getting second-degree burns.

Kathleen: Here ya go!

Marietta: Thank you so much.

Eliza: You all look so nice! I feel so under-dressed!

Marietta: Are you kidding me? You look great!

Patty Lynn: Even if you weren’t dressed so nice, I could forgive it. You’re preparing to be sworn in as a Louisiana state representative! 

Elena: Yes, we have a lot to be thankful for this year.

Eliza: Speaking of being thankful, could I use your oven then? I heated my stuffing up at home but it cooled a bit on the road. Someone insisted on leaving the window open.

Henrietta: I opened the windows for Charlotte and the twins. They were warm.

Eliza: You keep telling yourself that.

Elena: So, where’s Milton?

Sarah: Yeah, where is dad?

Martin: He’s running a bit late. Kitchen-related emergency.

Marietta: He’s making Brussels sprouts, how long could it possibly take?

Martin: I didn’t ask him what’s going on and I don’t really want to know.

Eliza: Are Kyle and Maria coming?

Marietta: Last I knew, yeah. Mom, they’re still coming, right?

Patty Lynn: Who? I can’t hear you so well in here.

Marietta: Kyle and Maria.

Patty Lynn: Yes, they’re coming! It’s going to be a great day!

Sarah: It’s always nice when grandma starts saying random inspirational phrases that don’t really fit in with the rest of what she said.

Kathleen: She’s always done that.

Martin: And she always will.

Elena: Could you turn the game on, Martin?

Martin: I don’t really care about anything other than the Saints but, if you do, sure.

Elena: It’s not Thanksgiving without getting to see the Lions lose.

Martin: They’re leading right now.

Elena: Not for long.

Marietta: Are we all sitting at the table?

Martin: The kids are sitting at the kids’ table.

Sarah: Does that include Henrietta and I?

Martin: No, you’re not kids.

Sarah: I’m only sixteen, that’s technically a kid.

Henrietta: I’m a twenty year-old mother, I’m certainly sitting at the adults’ table.

Sarah: I’m just not sure where I fall.

Martin: Do you want to sit at the kids’ table?

Sarah: No.

Martin: Then you can sit at the adults’ table.

The doorbell rings.

Marietta: Oh, maybe my son is finally here.

Milton: It’s just me!

Sarah: Dad!

Kathleen: Patty Lynn, your son is here!

Patty Lynn: I’ll be right out!

Milton: Is she going crazy yet?

Kathleen: Is she ever not?

Martin: She is not!

Patty Lynn: Is Kathleen talking smack about me again?

Kathleen: Nope!

Martin: Yup!

Kathleen: Snitches get stitches.

Milton: It’s not Thanksgiving without the threat of assault.

Marietta: We lost power last Thanksgiving, we’re gonna lose dad this Thanksgiving.

Kathleen: I’m not going to kill Martin, don’t worry. I’ll just rough him up a bit.

Patty Lynn: The turkey is done, everyone!

Milton: Ooh, got here just in time to eat!

Patty Lynn: Just give it a few minutes, Eliza needs to heat up the stuffing first.

Milton: It’s not heated?

Eliza: We went over this before you got here. It cooled too much in the car because the windows were open.

Milton: I can’t be mad. I messed up Brussels sprouts.

Marietta: Yeah, what happened with those.

Milton: You really don’t want to know.

Marietta: I’m actually extremely frightened now. Are they safe to eat?

Milton: These are.

Marieta: Okay…

Kathleen: Hey, Milton. Why isn’t Moira here?

Milton: She’s having Thanksgiving with her folks.

Kathleen: Oh, I was looking forward to her seeing this lunacy.

Milton: Maybe next year.

Sarah: Ooohhhh…

Milton: Stop that.

The doorbell rings.

Marietta: Finally, they’re here! Could someone let them in, he’s always afraid to just barge in.

Eliza: I’ll get the door.

Marietta: Thank you!

Maria: Oh, finally here.

Marietta: You look tired, honey.

Maria: It’s been quite a day.

Kyle: We got pumpkin pie!

Maria: Katharine didn’t want us to get it, but we did anyway!

Marietta: What happened?

Kyle: Maria was getting it out of the refrigerator and Katharine grabbed her leg and made her drop it.

Maria: It was so cute that I’m almost not mad at her.

Kyle: Almost.

Eliza: Stuffing’s done!

Marietta: That was fast!

Elena: I didn’t even realize you disappeared.

Eliza: That’s true love.

Patty Lynn: It’s time to eat, then!

Milton: Wait, who got the cranberry sauce?

Marietta: No one, I hope.

Martin: I have it right here.

Marietta: Damn.

Milton: I hope you got the canned stuff that takes the shape of the can. It’s not worth it otherwise.

Patty Lynn: Okay, everyone. Sit down so we can eat!

Milton: What about drinks?

Patty Lynn: Oh, I forgot! We have water, soda, apple cider, cranberry juice, whatever you want.

Marietta: Wine. I want wine.

Sarah: All right, Adele.

Marietta: Yes, Adele invented wine.

Patty Lynn: No alcohol until after dinner! I don’t want anyone getting drunk until after the carving knives are away.

Marietta: Wow, she really thinks we’re going to kill each other.

Milton: Always good to be cautious.

Ten minutes later…

Marietta: Anyone watch any good TV lately?

Milton: I was watching You, and it was so crazy because she picked up an axe and killed her neighbor.

Marietta: What are you talking about?

Milton: No, it was on You.

Marietta: You think I murdered my neighbor?

Milton: It was on a show called You!

Marietta: I’m not on TV, Milton. You’re sounding crazy.

Milton: There is a show on Netflix, it is called You! One of the main characters murdered someone!

Marietta: There’s a show called Marietta on Netflix?

Milton: Mom, start talking about something else.

Sarah: Oh thank god that’s done.

Patty Lynn: So who is excited for Black Friday?

Kathleen: Are we sure it’s still politically correct to call it that?

Sarah: This is going to be racist…

Kathleen: I’m kidding! I’m mocking the right-wingers, I’m not crazy.

Patty Lynn: Eh…

Eliza: I am staying home this Black Friday and instead shopping online. I did it last year and saved myself so much frustration.

Elena: The amount of crap that was delivered on our porch within days of Black Friday… truly mesmerizing.

Eliza: Hey, it was our best Christmas ever, was it not?

Henrietta: Sure was! I got a Nintendo Switch! I was used to getting used five year-old gaming consoles from eBay, it was quite the shakeup.

Marietta: I will also not be going Black Friday shopping, mainly for my sincere desire to continue living instead of dying via trampling.

Kathleen: That’s a solid reason.

Patty Lynn: So none of you are taking part in this country’s greatest shopping-related tradition?

Martin: We can go if you want.

Patty Lynn: I would like that.

Milton: You can get the same stuff for basically the same price in the weeks after Black Friday, all without swarms of people trying to attack you.

Patty Lynn: The attacks are what make it fun!

Marietta: I, for one, am shocked that mom is taking the insane view on something.

Patty Lynn: Speaking of insane views, how about that President Delphy? This man is trying to give the upper class a tax break just in time for Christmas.

Milton: Mom, can we table the politics talk for today? It’s Thanksgiving.

Patty Lynn: That’s the best time to talk politics! Everyone’s in the mood.

Marietta: No one is in the mood. Milton and I talk politics 24/7, we need a break.

Patty Lynn: I am in the mood! What is Kate trying to do about it?

Milton: She’s doing plenty to fight it, mom.

Marietta: Don’t engage, Milton.

Patty Lynn: “Don engage?” I’m his mother, he can talk to me about anything he wants.

Milton: I promise you, I don’t want to talk about it.

Patty Lynn: You guys are no fun. Let’s talk about DeDe Ducovney going to Arizona for the “border crisis” an-

Marietta: Mother, if your’e going to keep talking, I’m going to leave.

Patty Lynn: Come on, no you won’t! Where would you go?

Marietta: Tammy’s having something at my house. I’ll go there. Anyone care to join me?

Eliza: I’m good, but thanks. I sort of find her rants charming.

Marietta: Milton?

Milton: Let me clean my plate off first and I’m going. Sarah, get ready.

Sarah: Y’all are being really overdramatic.

Milton: We’re being appropriately dramatic.

Patty Lynn: If you want to go, then go. You can’t come back if you do go, though. That’s just not how it works.

Marietta: Kyle, you coming?

Kyle: Don’t get me wrong, I want to see aunt Tammy, but I was so looking forward to Thanksgiving with grandma.

Maria: It’s true, he was.

Kyle: We’re gonna stay.

Marietta: Perfectly fine. You two have a blessed Thanksgiving. The rest of you as well. See you soon!

Milton: Okay, finished my turkey. Let’s go.

Fifteen minutes later, at Tammy and Mitch’s, Marietta knocks on the door.

Mitch: Do my eyes deceive me? What are the Three Anti-Musketeers doing here?

Marietta: Your eyes don’t deceive you, Mitch. We’re Thanksgiving orphans.

Mitch: Come on in, we have plenty of food.

Tammy: Who is it, Mitch?

Mitch: Marietta and Milton!

Sarah: And Sarah!

Tammy: Oh, what are you guys doing here?

Marietta: We’ll explain everything.

Sarah: I’m still hungry though, so maybe we can get some food first?

Milton: Sarah!

Sarah: What? He offered!

Marietta, Milton and Sarah walk into the dining room.

Marietta: Aww, your Thanksgiving decorations are so cute! It’s so festive!

Tammy: Thank you, I spent a solid twenty minutes putting it all out.

Mitch: We really have a lot of food, you guys can eat a lot more than that. We’ll never finish it.

Marietta: I can’t believe all this food!

Tammy: We were expecting the kids to come and visit but the plans fell through.

Marietta: Why didn’t you tell me about that?

Tammy: If I put it into words, I’d really get my hopes up. Things like this have fallen through in the past, it still stings, though.

Mitch: We’ve got each other, and that’s a lot for love!

Tammy: Very true, Jon Bon Jovi.

Marietta: The turkey’s great, Mitch. And, if I might add, I’m very thrilled to see that you did didn’t burn the house down.

Mitch: Why would I burn the house down?

Marietta: I’ve seen the deep fry fails on YouTube.

Mitch: Those people aren’t as experienced as I.

Tammy: Experienced? That’s hilarious!

Milton: You two are too funny.

Tammy: Yes, funny. That’s what we are.

Milton: I don’t mean to be rude, but do you have cranberry sauce?

Tammy: No, I loathe the stuff.

Marietta: You don’t miss, Tammy.

Tammy: I do miss my kids, though…

Mitch: Oh, Tammy. Try to cheer up. Our friends are here to celebrate with us, the parade is airing a repeat for some reason, we have a ceramic turkey on the hutch behind us. Life is good!

Thirty minutes later…

Marietta: Wow, that was… a lot.

Mitch: When I said we had a lot of food for you to eat, you took it literally. I appreciate it. Less to clean up.

Milton: Happy to help!

Sarah: I feel dead.

There is a knock at the door.

Mitch: We’re popular today!

Tammy: It’s probably carolers.

Mitch: On Thanksgiving?

Tammy: Could be!

Milton: It’s much worse…

Tammy: I’ll get it.

Marietta: Please do not.

Tammy opens the door.

Patty Lynn: Tammy! Are they here?

Carol: They are. I’ll take you to them.

Marietta: Yaaaayyy…

Patty Lynn and Tammy walk to the dining room.

Patty Lynn: Can we talk, kids?

Marietta: I guess.

Sarah: Can I come?

Patty Lynn: No, sweetheart.

Sarah: That’s ageist.

Patty Lynn, Marietta and Milton walk into the hallway.

Patty Lynn: Wow, the house looks so different.

Marietta: Mom, focus.

Patty Lynn: Oh, sorry. Kids, I am so sorry for going overboard and then getting mad. I didn’t mean to ruin your Thanksgiving.

Marietta: I got a bit too annoyed, too. I should’ve just ignored it and it would’ve all been over soon enough.

Milton: I was following Marietta’s lead. I should never do that.

Marietta: Milton!

Milton: I’m sorry, mom.

Patty Lynn: So are we good? We can go back to our house and celebrate?

Marietta: Are we invited?

Patty Lynn: Obviously!

Marietta: I’m only pulling your leg.

Milton: What about Tammy?

Marietta: What about her?

Milton: She’s already sad her kids didn’t come, I don’t want to abandon her, too.

Marietta: Let’s just ask her to come!

Patty Lynn: That would be great!

Patty Lynn, Marietta and Milton walk back to the dining room.

Marietta: We’re going to get going, but we have a question for you first.

Tammy: What’s that/

Marietta: We want you to come back with us to mom and dad’s. Dinner’s done, so you can just worry about celebrating and having a good time.

Tammy: Mitch?

Mitch: I think that’d be great, thank you so much for asking.

Patty Lynn: It’s no problem!

Tammy: I’ll grab the pies for dessert!

Marietta: Another Landfield Family Thanksgiving in the books!

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