The Princess Royal Season 1 Episode 10 - The Christmas Message

The Princess Royal Season 1, Episode 10
The Christmas Message

Olivia is on the roof of her house when Fred walks outside.

Fred: Olivia, what in god’s name are you doing up there?

Olivia: I’m getting in the Christmas spirit, Frederick. You could use some yourself.

Fred: I’m plenty spirited.

Olivia: It’s very nearly the end of November and you aren’t even humming Good King Wenceslas yet.

Fred: That is the cheeriest Christmas song, I better get to humming.

Olivia: You can sing Mariah Carey for all I care. Anything to acknowledge that it’s Christmastime again!

Fred: I’m just not in the spirit yet, it’s too warm out.

Olivia: Fred, I’m freezing my knickers off up here.

Fred: Speaking of up there, you never really told me why you’re on our roof.

Olivia: I’m putting Santa’s sleigh on the roof. Like the festive grandma that I am.

Fred: What if you would fall?

Olivia: I’m not going to.

Fred: You were out here alone. What if you did?

Olivia: You’d find me eventually.

Fred: You are completely insane.

Olivia: Always have been. Always will be.

Fred: I can come up and help if you want.

Olivia: I’m on my way down, the sleigh is up and plugged in and ready to shine bright!

Fred: Well, that’s good, at least. I really did not want to come up there.

Olivia: When I get down, and when I finish putting up all of these other lights, we’re watching a Christmas movie. You hear?

Fred: Which one?

Olivia: Love Actually.

Fred: Oh god…

Olivia: It’s a Wonderful Life, then?

Fred: Better.

Three days later…

Gigi: Mother, you house is so… jolly?

Olivia: I’m a jolly person.

Gigi: That’s a good one.

Olivia: I am!

Fred: Just play along with it.

Olivia: Is your house not decorated, Gigi?

Gigi: It is, but that doesn’t stop me from being so shocked to see your house decked out. I’m not used to seeing it like this.

Olivia: I have a lot more to celebrate this year. I’ve reunited with my family, that’s really it but it’s big! Now, I should ask, what are you stopping by for?

Gigi: Do I need a reason?

Olivia: You usually do.

Gigi: I was in the area and I wanted to stop in.

Olivia: You were, huh?

Gigi: Also, I wanted to borrow a string of Christmas lights.

Olivia: The truth comes out!

Todd: Mother, you’re getting a call.

Gigi: You’re here? I can’t believe you managed to shut your mouth for the span of all five minutes that I’ve been here. I’m a bit impressed.

Todd: Always nice to hear your snark so early in the day.

Gigi: It’s two o’clock, mum is about to sit down for dinner.

Olivia: You’re actually right about that today because I have somewhere to be, but not usually! This is not my usual dinner time!

Todd: Mum, I think you forgot about the phone call. It’s from gran.

Olivia: Why didn’t you tell me that in the first place? She’s going to be furious!

Olivia rushes into the house and picks up the phone.

Eleanor: Well it’s about time.

Olivia: Todd didn’t tell me that you were the one calling, I didn’t think it was important.

Eleanor: You mean to tell me that you just ignore phone calls from the average person?

Olivia: Well, uh, yeah.

Eleanor: I raised you better than that!

Olivia: As if you answer all your phone calls…

Eleanor: I have a person to do that for me!

Olivia: How often is your phone guy telling you about a call he answered from a Nigerian prince?

Eleanor: What in the world are you talking about?

Olivia: Never mind. What’s this call about?

Eleanor: Never mind.

Olivia: Don’t you dare do that to me!

Eleanor: Do what?

Olivia: I can hang up if you’d like.

Eleanor: I’m calling to ask you to stop by the palace sometime this week.

Olivia: I don’t mind stopping by, but it’s a long drive, so I’d like to know what I’m coming for.

Eleanor: I want to decorate for Christmas together! I asked your brothers and they’re excited.

Olivia: Are they?

Eleanor: They’re coming, that’s what matters.

Olivia: Don’t you have people to decorate for you?

Eleanor: I think it could be a fun family activity!

Olivia: I will be there. I will not be happy, but I will be there.

Eleanor: Thank you, dear. It means a lot.

Olivia: I’m not sure why, but, happy to help.

Eleanor: Wait, don’t hang up!

Olivia: I wasn’t about to.

Eleanor: Anthony has a tendency to hang up in the middle of conversations, I had to make sure you didn’t do that.

Olivia: You need to tell him to stop doing that.

Eleanor: I really should, shouldn’t I?

Olivia: Yes!

Eleanor: Anyway, what day do you think you can swing by? I need to know what day to tell your brothers.

Olivia: I’m free all week. What day works best for you?

Eleanor: Wednesday.

Olivia: Then I will be there Wednesday. See you then.

Eleanor: Are you hanging up now?

Olivia: Do you want me to?

Eleanor: You can if you want.

Olivia: I’ll let you go, then. Love you, see you Wednesday.

Olivia hangs up the phone and walks outside.

Gigi: So, what was that about?

Olivia: I have to go to Buckingham on Wednesday to help your grandmother decorate.

Gigi: Doesn’t she have people for that?

Olivia: I asked that, but she didn’t answer me.

Fred: I think it’ll be fun. You were so excited to be decorating our house, it should be the same at Buckingham.

Olivia: I never would’ve gone all out like this if I’d known my mother was going to make me her Christmas elf.

Todd: I think she’s only trying to make up for the lost Christmas memories from the last twenty years. I think it’s nice!

Gigi: What do you not think is nice?

Todd: You.

Fred: He got you this time.

Gigi: I know, he did. Proud of him.

Todd: Thanks, that means a lot!

Gigi: Really?

Todd: No…

Gigi: Got me again!

Four days later…

Claude: Look at you, Olivia!

Anthony: She looks like an elf.

Olivia: Go elf yourself, Anthony.

Anthony: Thanks, Liv.

Ethan: I think it’s great she dressed up. It means I’m not the only one here dressed festively, and you can’t make fun of my anymore.

Claude: Oh, we still can.

Anthony: Mum hasn’t come down yet. For all we know, she could be dressed head-to-toe as Saint Nicholas.

Claude: I hope she’s got a fake beard on.

Anthony: Perhaps a fuzzy hat.

Claude: Oh, you need to have the fuzzy hat!

Eleanor: Are you two done?

Claude: Mother!

Anthony: How long have you been down here.

Ethan: I think she heard it all, no?

Eleanor: Stop making fun of your brother and sister for having holiday cheer! We’re here to decorate for Christmas, where’s your spirit?

Anthony: I think your Christmas brooch is lovely, by the way.

Claude: The red and green striped dress is very festive!

Eleanor: You two are usually so well-behaved. I don’t know what it is about seeing one another that makes you both lose your minds.

Olivia: You can’t expect them to be too mature. They are men, after all.

Ethan: What does that mean?

Olivia: Just poking fun!

Eleanor: Instead of poking fun, perhaps we could start decorating the tree? I had one of the servants put it up and now it’s ready for us to trim!

Claude: Where are the ornaments?

Eleanor: With the tree.

Olivia: He’s stalling, mum.

Eleanor: I know he is.

Anthony: I would never.

Eleanor: Are you joking? You’re his partner in crime!

Ethan: While you all talk, I’m going to open the ornament box. I know how much we have to get done today and I’d truly appreciate for it to be done sometime in the next century.

Olivia: You know it’s bad when even Ethan thinks we’re moving slow.

Ethan: What is that supposed to mean?

Olivia: You’re not the fastest chap out there. That’s okay.

Ethan: You’re not exactly Speed Racer, either.

Eleanor: Can we all at least start moving towards the tree? Perhaps walk and talk?

Claude: We’re not getting out of here until midnight.

Olivia: And it’s your fault!

Four hours later…

Olivia: Well, we’ve gone through hell and back, but the tree’s decorated.

Ethan: I don’t recall ever seeing this many ornaments on this tree. Where did they come from?

Eleanor: I’m quite loved by the world, dear. People send me gifts all the time. I also have a small army of grandchildren, faithful serva-

Anthony: We get it, you’re loved. But how come these weren’t all out in previous years?

Eleanor: I liked a simpler tree before, but life is short. Put it all on!

Ethan: Well, we did. I don’t know how, but we did.

Olivia: The sheer power of determination, that’s how!

Arthur: You guys sure look busy!

Eleanor: Arthur, how lovely to see you. Grab a box and start unpacking!

Arthur: Oh, we really can’t. We have somewh-

Claire: We can push that back. This looks fun!

Anthony: It isn’t!

Eleanor: Shush!

Claire: Family decorating is such a neat idea. I usually just do it all myself at Kensington. Well, me and the servants.

Arthur: I do help, dear.

Claire: Yes, you sure do.

Olivia: I know how it goes, Claire. Poor Fred, he tries, but I end up having to do everything he did over again. I’m quite particular.

Claude: We’ve noticed.

Claire: It’s good to care about doing it right! If not you, then who?

Olivia: Exactly!

Ethan: Mum, why is this box just labeled “Santas?”

Eleanor: Because that’s all that’s in it. Various Santa Clauses.

Anthony: I think they prefer to be called “Santas Claus.”

Eleanor: They’re not alive, so I don’t think they really mind.

Anthony: You killed Santa?

Eleanor: Why must you act so foolish?

Olivia: When you’re an expert on something, it’s best to stick to it.

Claire: What can I help with?

Eleanor: Grab any box, unpack, set it somewhere that looks nice. No rules!

Claude: Mum, I know you’re done being queen and all in a few months, but you do still have to live here. Now’s not the time to get chaotic and start throwing things all willy-nilly about the house.

Eleanor: You’re no fun! There’s no reason put up as many decorations as possible.

Ethan: What has happened to mother?

Eleanor: I need as many reminders of joy as I can get. I no longer have your father to keep me joyful, might as well rely on penguin figurines and stuffed polar bears to do it.

Olivia: Papa was quite joyful, I get what you mean.

Claire: Should I get this out? It looks… faded.

Eleanor: That was from when I was a child! Put it somewhere nice.

Arthur: Is gran okay?

Claude: People grieve in different ways. Some of them insane.

Claire: I think it’s nice!

Claude: I’m not shocked. You’re always so joyful and peppy.

Claire: She’s spreading Christmas cheer, I think that’s a beautiful thing.

Eleanor: Less talk, more working! We have a lot more boxes to get to!

Claire: Will do, boss!

Arthur: I need a drink.

Anthony: Don’t we all?

Two hours later…

Olivia: Mum, you look worried. What’s going through your head now?

Claire: Did I put the wrong snowman up?

Eleanor: No, you’re doing great.

Claire: Thank you! I really appreciate it. This really helps me feel like part of the family!

Eleanor: You’ve been a part of the family for a decade, don’t ever think you’re not.

Olivia: You never answered me, mother.

Eleanor: What was the question.

Olivia: Why do you look so worried?

Eleanor: I’m not worried, I’m just… stressed.

Olivia: Massive difference between the two.

Eleanor: Decorating for Christmas has me thinking about my annual Christmas message, and now I’m stressing about what I’m going to say.

Ethan: I assumed you were so used to them after all these years that you didn’t even need to prepare for it at this point.

Eleanor: That’s how it usually is but not this year. This is my last one. I need to have a proper sendoff while also not yet revealing that it’s my sendoff.

Olivia: I’ll come down here and help you write it. I have nothing going on, I’d be happy to alleviate a bit of your stress.

Eleanor: Are you sure? It’s a long drive.

Olivia: I drove here to help you decorate a tree. I can drive here to help you prepare a speech that can help define your legacy.

Eleanor: Thank you, dear. I so appreciate the help. I’ve tried to write it and I keep drawing blanks. Maybe another mind is just what I need.

Anthony: I also thank you for volunteering, because now I don’t have to.

Claude: Same here!

Claire: I would’ve helped, don’t worry. I care.

Arthur: So do I!

Claire: You don't have to keep trying to prove that you’re helpful, sweetheart. We know you are.

Anthony: Is he? He’s unpacking things so much slower than all of us.

Claire: Shush!

Ethan: You heard her. Shush!

Two days later…

Eleanor: Oh, hi, Olivia! I didn’t know you were serious when you said you were coming today. Mandy and I are just catching up.

Mandy: Hi, Eleanor!

Eleanor: Don’t you mean “Hi, Olivia?”

Mandy: Whatever…

Olivia: Did you think I was lying about coming by?

Eleanor: Well, I thought you’d get preoccupied and forget to come.

Olivia: When have I e-

Eleanor: I don’t think you want an answer to that.

Olivia: You’re right, I don’t. Let’s just start working on this Christmas message

Eleanor: I think we should go in my office. It’s where I do my best work.

Olivia: That would be fine by me. The Elf on the Shelf in the sitting room scares the living daylights out of me, anyway.

Eleanor: I think he’s cute!

Olivia: Those eyes…

Eleanor: Are you coming or not?

Olivia: Sorry, I was too busy thinking about that demon elf.

Eleanor: It’s not that frightening.

Olivia: I had a nightmare about it last night.

Eleanor: Just get in here!

Olivia: Will do!

Eleanor and Olivia walk to Eleanor’s office.

Olivia: Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve been in here.

Eleanor: I don’t usually bring anyone else in here. This is my private work space, where I go to get away form the world. It’s just me, the dogs, and, occasionally, the servants. I need someone to clean it, after all.

Olivia: I appreciate that you’re letting me in here to be part of your creative process.

Eleanor: Creative process? We’re not the Beatles, Olivia.

Olivia: Wait, you’re not Ringo Starr?

Eleanor: Don’t compare me to Ringo! I’m the Paul!

Olivia: I’m the Paul. You’re the John. Ethan’s our George, Claude is Ringo. Anthony is Yoko.

Eleanor: So this is Christmas, and what have you done?

Olivia: Wow, you just sang! Since when do you sing?

Eleanor: I sing plenty! Do you want some tea?

Olivia: That’s a very random question, but sure.

Eleanor: Tea helps me think. Mandy, get me some tea!

Mandy: Will do, Eleanor!

Olivia: How did she hear you? And why are you making her do it instead of an actual servant?

Eleanor: I need her to pull her weight somehow.

Olivia: So, the Christmas message. I was brainstorming a bit and here’s what I’ve come up with: “My loyal subj-

Eleanor: No!

Olivia: What’s wrong with that?

Eleanor: I can’t call the people of Britain “loyal subjects!”

Olivia: And why not?

Eleanor: It isn’t medieval times!

Olivia: How do you want to start it, then?

Eleanor: A normal way?

Olivia: We’ve reached an impasse.

Eleanor: Have we? An impasse implies that we’re deadlocked. We’re not. I’m not using that phrase.

Olivia: Okay, I have a few others.

Eleanor: These should be good…

Two hours later…

Eleanor: We got off to quite the rocky start, but you ended up helping me quite a bit.

Olivia: That’s your Christmas gift from me!

Eleanor: Very funny.

Olivia: Funny?

Eleanor: You weren’t joking?

Olivia: I was joking! I’m very good at joking!

Eleanor: You sure are.

Olivia: So, when will you be delivering this speech?

Eleanor: Christmas, dear. It’s a Christmas speech. It said in the speech “I so hope you’ve enjoyed this blessed holiday today.”

Olivia: We wrote a lot of words, forgive me for forgetting some of them.

Eleanor: Do you want to watch a Christmas movie before you go?

Olivia: I don’t see why not.

Eleanor: I guess I should ask Mandy if she wants -

Mandy: I do!

Olivia: Did you get new hearing aids or something?

Mandy: Sure did!

Eleanor: What should we watch? Love Actually?

Olivia: I would love that!

Eleanor: Merry Christmas, girls. 

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