2020-21 Season To Date Report (9/6/20-5/6/21): 188 Shows Are Now Registering Ratings

 Stay tuned as this week returns to the traditional upfront decisions made by the networks whether they are cancelling or renewing television shows.  And May 23, 2021 marks the end of May sweeps, followed 2 days later by the finalized 2020-21 television season ratings.  TVRG has comprehensive ratings reports from 1950-2020 already profiled in the Ratings History database, and this entry shall go in there as a testament to one of the most trying seasons due to COVID-19.  Sterilization and testing of productions and sets increased production costs, one of the contributing factors which led NBC to cancel Superstore (now registered in 97th Place).

The current season also saw most of the scripted megahits soften into ordinary territory, most noticeably This Is Us, last season's #1 entry which now rests in 4th Place.  And all scripted shows dipped below the 1.0 mark after the new year, with prior reality megahit The Masked Singer edging closer to dropping below this mark.  Stay tuned as the season wraps, and upfronts let viewers know which shows will return and bid adieu.

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