Find The Answer Season 1 Episode 5


The answers to all five of these questions can be found in articles recently posted on The TV Ratings Guide. When you find the answers, submit the form!

1. According to our NBC January Audience Demand chart, which NBC show has the highest audience demand?

-Chicago PD
-Law & Order: SVU
-The Blacklist
-Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

2. According to our latest CBS Renew/Cancel post, what is CBS’ network average?


3. Where did mixed-ish premiere on our ABC Renew/Cancel column?

-Certain Renewal
-Likely Renewal
-Leans Renewal
-Leans Cancellation

4. What Share did Saturday Night Live receive on 1/30/21?


5. Which TVRG Production will have a special birthday-themed episode on February 12?

-Coach Garry
-Put Me In
-What In The World!


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