Modern Family S9E15 Review

Honestly, I have been dreading this episode. The two plots of the episode mentioned in the press release sounded like the show at its worst. But, I'm watching and reviewing anyway.

S9E15 "Spanks for the Memories"

I don't even want to recap the beginning of Jay and Gloria's story in much detail. Basically, Jay overhears a conversation Gloria has and believes it is in a different context, and when he makes a move based on this, things go poorly. For some reason, Jay decides his daughter is the right place to go after an issue in the bedroom, and this conversation is incredibly uncomfortable. At least the show is aware of that, and has Claire express it. Gloria, meanwhile, turns to Mitch and Cam. Their advice leads to a scene that's just as cringe-inducing as the earlier one, as Gloria decides to return the favor. In the end, Jay and Gloria decide to actually talk instead of just trying to guess at what the other wants, and, as always in sitcoms, that's the happy ending.

Mitch has a new job, so he and Cam decide to brag about it to their friends. Luckily, this story isn't obnoxious like it seemed like it would be. When Mitch finds out that the company he just got hired by is going down the drain, which the show made obvious was coming, he tries to keep his friends from finding out about that. Their attempts to hide this are pretty funny, and in the end their friends don't pity them in the way that they were expecting.

Phil and Alex have a nice story this week, as Alex thinks that she has to look out for Phil, but it turns out that Phil is still parenting her. Alex stops by Phil's magic shop, and ends up taking his place in a board game against the person who works a board game shop next to his. There are some funny moments here, as Phil isn't very competitive, but Alex easily brings him from doing poorly to almost winning. But, Phil's philosophy actually starts to make some sense to Alex, as she realizes that maybe she doesn't need to take part in a stressful internship, and can take a summer to herself. It's a sweet ending, as Phil proves to have some wisdom, even if he isn't smart like Alex.

This episode wasn't bad like I was expecting. While Jay and Gloria's part of the episode was exactly like I was expecting it to be, Mitch and Cam were better than I expected, and Phil and Alex's story, which ABC didn't reveal anything about before the episode, was really delightful. This was an episode with some really good parts and some really bad parts.

Score: 5.5/10

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