Life In Pieces Season 3 Episode 13 Review

It's time for Life in Pieces to return this week, following an Olympics break. I've expressed my displeasure with this season many times, so my hopes for an improvement are slowly evaporating. Let's just hope it doesn't get any worse.

In the first story, Tyler comes to Joan to get help with winning back Clementine. She won't help him since Clementine is her patient, so Tyler goes off to the bathrrom. Lucky for him, Clementine is having a session with Joan, and she's spilling all the details about her relationship. He overhears her talking about how hard it is to be around him, especially when he doesn't have a shirt on. So later that night, when he's around her, he takes him shirt off. Clementine thinks Joan told him what she said, and Joan tells her she never told him. That night, John tells Joan about the bathroom, which surprises her. The next day, she tells Clementine to go to the bathroom, and she makes Tyler say his feelings about her while he's in her office. Clementine then runs in to tell him that she loves him, too.

In the second story, Heather comes to yell at Tim for getting another driving ticket. He decides to go to an internet traffic school, which he really hates. He's also terrible at it, but Sam isn't, so she helps him. Later, Sophia spills the beans about Tim's cheating. Heather isn't pleased, especially since it sends a bad message to the kids. Heather worries about Sam, and she sends her a fake email from the DMV, which tells her that she can't drive until she's 21 because she cheated. She also tells Heather that she went to the DMV to apologize, and Heather admits what she did. Tim then rushes in to tell them that his license was suspended.

In the third story, Greg is showing off his new shoes, and the rest of the family is confused by why he's acting so excited about them. Thiy think it's because of him not being cool in high school, so Matt decides to drive Matt to his interview, to make up for not driving him to school. Unfortunately, the old car breaks down on the way. And since Greg's wearing his new shoes, he won't walk there. They cover them in something that will protect them, and they walk there. Then, when Greg is tying his shoe, Matt slaps his laeg and his leg falls into some water. He then cancels his interview.

In the fourth story, the family is gathered for a movie. They really enjoyed it, and plan to have it weekly. However, they still have to go to a weekly brunch, and the in-laws aren't happy. Jen, Colleen, and Tim plan to stay away from movie night, and their spouses lie for them. Matt nearly tells the truth, but he lies for Colleen. Colleen, however, changes her tune when she gets a fortune cookie that makes her think John and Joan will die. She calls the other two, who both rush over. For... different reasons. They watch a movie, which is literally the same thing they'd be doing at John and Joan's. Colleen goes to the bathroom, but in reality she just went to family movie night. Tim goes too, leaving Jen alone. Jen then changes her mind as well, and shows up to movie night.

This was a really bad episode of Life In Pieces, probably my least favorite thus far. I laughed twice during the entire episode, both because of John. The fourth story wasn't great, but it was really the only one I kinda liked, so it was the best. The first story featured my least favorite LIP recurring storyline, Tyler and Clementine's separation, but at least it seems to have come to an end. The third story was just really, really boring. It was somehow my least favorite storyling of the episode. The second one wasn't horrible, but it wasn't good either. I didn't think it was funny or even very interesting, but it had a few moments that were okay. Also, this show somehow found a way to make a story with Joan in it horrible, and I'm not okay with this. Dianne Wiest deserves better!
My Score: 4.5/10
My Grade: D-

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