Saturday TV Watch -- 48 Hours Examines the Suspicious, Tragic Death of Natalie Wood

Written Remembering A 20th Century Icon by Bridger Cunningham
Get ready to sharpen conspiracy theories, as 48 Hours delves into the mysterious drowning death of Natalie Wood this evening.  The CBS Newsmagazine will provide a rare interview with Wood's two-time husband, Robert Wagner, whom has been the subject of an ongoing investigation since 2011.  This evening's entry will not celebrate Wood's life in front of the camera, but rather the 36 years of mystery which have ensued since she drowned in a harbor off California's Catalina Island on November 29, 1981.  
Robert Wagner, Natalie WoodWood was known for such classics as West Side Story and Splendor in the Grass, as well as (then) controversial 1969 swinging film Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice.  She was twice married to Robert Wagner from 1957-62 and 1972 until her death.  Wagner, known to current generations as "Number Two" in the Austin Powers series, was starring on ABC ratings smash Hart to Hart when Wood drowned.  The couple took a long weekend over Thanksgiving 1981 on their yacht in Catalina Island, and aquaphobic Wood drowned in the water early Sunday that weekend at the age of 43.  The death was classified as an accidental drowning until new information emerged in November 2011 after the yacht's other passenger and captain brought forth new information regarding a drunken feud between the couple the evening before.  Since the case was reopened, Wood's death was reclassified as "Drowning and Other Undetermined Factors."  Wagner, who turns 88 on February 10, has been dubbed a "person of interest" as he has not cooperated with authorities during this latest investigation.  

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