Marietta, Season 1 Episode 5 - Senate Salutations

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Marietta is at the airport to pick up her family, who are flying into DC for her farewell address.

Marietta: Mom, where are you guys? I’ve been looking for you for fifteen minutes!

Patty Lynn: Did you get my email?

Marietta: What email?

Patty Lynn: The one I sent you yesterday! You should have gotten it!

Marietta: I didn’t check it! I’ve been a little busy.

Patty Lynn: What could be more important than a message from the woman that gave birth to you???

Marietta: This Is Us.

Patty Lynn: I’m touched.

Marietta: Well, they were very entertaining episodes at least! But just SO sad!

Patty Lynn: Anyway… If you had read them, you would have found out that we switched flights. So we’re at gate 7 now.

Marietta: Why’d you switch flights?

Patty Lynn: We saved money!

Marietta: How much?

Patty Lynn: Thirty bucks! 

Marietta: Apiece?

Patty Lynn: No…

Marietta: My goodness. I’ll head to gate 7. Just be ready. Or at least somewhat ready. 

Patty Lynn: Well, joke’s on you. We’re already outside.

Marietta: Put dad on the phone.

Patty Lynn hands Martin the phone.

Marietta: Dad, is what Mom just said true? Are you outside waiting for me?

Martin: Of course dear. Your mother would never lie.

Marietta and Martin both burst into uncontrollable laughter.

Marietta: Ah, that was a good one dad!

Martin: I know! She’s the least truthful person I know!

Marietta: But really, is it true? If so, that would be so great.

Martin: It’s true! We’re ready for once.

Marietta: I feel like this is my Senate retirement present from Tammy.

Martin: Well it’s not. It’s your retirement present from your mother.

Marietta: Well, it’s a great gift. Not feeling enraged is the best of all gifts.

Ten minutes later, Marietta arrives at the proper gate. 

Marietta: Sorry guys, I got stuck behind a bus. Some idiot on there must have had a gun and they had to subdue him. Minor annoyance.

Patty Lynn: Oh my gosh! That’s crazy! My daughter could have been shot!

Marietta: No biggie.

Patty Lynn: You almost died!!! I’m so upset!

Marietta: I did not almost die. I’m totally fine!

Milton: Well, I got shot that one time as a teenager by my friend Tim and you didn’t care, mom.

Patty Lynn: That’s different! Timmy would never shoot you on purpose.

Milton: You told me to grow a pair and deal with it like a man!

Patty Lynn: Well, it’s good advice!

Milton: Not when your friend shoots you in the back!

Martin: Everyone quiet! This is Marietta’s day and we’re gonna ruin it!

Marietta: Let’s talk happier things! Milton, have you seen This Is Us?

Milton: Of course!

Marietta: Oh my god, I just binged it last night and it is so good and just so sad!

Milton: I just can’t wait to see how Jack died!

Marietta: I know!!!

Martin: I can’t believe I’m hearing a United States Senator talk to the Mayor of New Orleans about how excited they are to find out how a television character kicks the bucket. What a world!

Patty Lynn: Don't you criticize them! They’re perfect!

30 minutes later, the Landfields arrive at the US Senate building.

Tammy: Marietta! Tim’s speaking right now and you’re next. But first, I wanted to give you this.

Tammy hands Marietta her senate retirement present.

Marietta: What’s this?

Tammy: I just got it confirmed last night. It took me forever and I didn’t think I’d get it done near the end.

Marietta: This isn’t what I think it is?

Tammy: I think it is. The Senate office you’ve called your home, the Merritt K. Rehnquist Senate Office Building, is going to be renamed in your honor. It’ll now be known as the Marietta E. Landfield Senate Office Building!

Marietta: Tammy! This is unbelievable!

Tammy: I got everyone else crap from Target, but I needed to get you something special.

Marietta: This is the greatest gift I’ve ever received. I’m so happy right now.

Tammy: I knew you would be! Congratulations, you’ve earned it.

Marietta: Well now it makes my present seem crappy!

Tammy: What’s your present?

Marietta: DVDs of seasons one through five of Scandal…

Tammy: That’s perfect!

Marietta: Of course you’d think so.

Kate: Marietta, you’re on!

Marietta: Oh boy.

Patty Lynn: You’re gonna kill it.

Marietta: Oh, I hope so.

Marietta begins her speech on the Senate floor.

Marietta: Thank you Mr. President. I want to thank you. All of you. The people of Louisiana. My Senate colleagues. My former House colleagues. My family, who is here today. More than anything, I’d like to thank my late grandfather. He paved my way to become a Senator. And he never got to see me hold his former seat. He died in December of 1995, a few weeks before I was appointed to the Senate. He wanted nothing more for me than to walk in his footsteps. He was so proud of me when I won my House seat. He was so proud of my brother Milton when he became Louisiana’s Treasurer. He was so proud of my father when he became governor of Louisiana. He was so proud in his family. And I was so happy to make him proud. He was my role model. And I wouldn’t be here without him. I also need to thank my amazing father Martin, who encouraged me to run for a Louisiana State Senate seat when I was 18. Most dads would get their daughter a car or a gift card for their 18th birthday. My dad called me down to his office and told me that I had what it took to be a legislator. It was the best gift I’ve ever gotten. I want to thank my overprotective mother Patty Lynn, who was more disappointed that I lost than I was. I also must thank my wonderful brother Milton, who helped show me that whatever you want to do, you can. He was 12 when I ran for State Senate, and he went up to every house with me and knew more than I did.I want to thank the people of Louisiana for ever electing me. You didn’t need to elect the inexperienced daughter of a former governor. But you did, five times. I want to thank all of my Democratic colleagues, especially Tammy Yarborough, my better half. We have very different world views. New York and Louisiana are both very different states, but we worked together so nicely. You were one of by best friends in the world, and thank you very much for this. I want to thank my Republican colleagues. I didn’t agree with you on much. But you welcomed me. I’m a liberal, and most of you are conservative. But you were always courteous, kind, and compassionate. You never disrespected me because of my beliefs. For that, I respect you all more than you can ever know. It’s time for me to talk about about New Orleans before my time runs out. I have so much pride in that city. It’s in my DNA. After Hurricane Arthur, the city was decimated. My parent’s home in the Lower Ninth Ward , where my brother Milton was born, was gone. I lost everything. I lost my childhood. But I got out there, and I tried to help as many people as I could. I wasn’t supposed to be there. It wasn’t safe. My father warned me to stay home. My uncle Marvin, a former mayor of New Orleans, left, and told me to do the same. I should have listened, if I was smart. But I didn’t care. My community mattered mote to me than the possibility of getting injured. I got injured. I got electrocuted in the flood waters, and I had to be flown to the hospital in a helicopter. The next day, I came to the Senate and fought for the victims. I begged for money for them and I got it. I fought to have those that failed to protect New Orleans held accountable. I didn’t succeed, but I tried my hardest. I never would have forgiven myself if I hadn’t. I want to thank the former Senator from Massachusetts, Michael Moravian. As you all know, Michael passed away a few years ago. But he welcomed me into the Senate with open arms, and I’m incredibly grateful for him. I want to thank my fellow outgoing Senators. You have all been such great friends to me, and now we’re all free to start that band we’ve been talking about. I kid, I kid. That would be horrible. Anyway, I had no idea what I was doing when I became a Senator. I didn’t even know how to get to my office, or how to use the Capitol Hill subway. And just two years ago, I taught a few freshmen Senators how to use that very subway! I’ve come full circle. That means that my time as a Senator has come to an end. That this is my very final speech as a United States Senator. That I will now have to have my son call me “Mom” instead of “Senator Landfield”. Nah. On second though, he still has to call me Senator Landfield. I guess it’s time for me to wrap up. This is so overwhelming, but I am not sad today. Not at all. I never gave up on Louisiana, and you never gave up on me. That makes me so incredibly happy. It was my time. I’m being called elsewhere. And I’m going. Betty Benoit is going to make a fine Senator. Goodbye my friends. Mr. President, I yield the floor.

The Senate erupts into cheers.

Patty Lynn: I… I have to go, Martin.

Martin: Why?

Patty Lynn: Because I’m a mess and I can’t let her see me. Also I need a smoke.

Martin: You’re gonna smoke in the US Senate building?

Patty Lynn: Yeah, why not?

Martin: Because it’s a hallowed institution! Respect it.

Patty Lynn: Fine! Then I won’t smoke. But I really gotta go.

Outside the chamber, Patty Lynn spots Betty Benoit.

Patty Lynn: What the hell are you doing here? Trying to ruin my daughter’s day?

Betty: Just trying to get the best office at the Rehnquist building. You can’t be too competitive about that stuff!

Patty Lynn: You’re lying. And I’m not gonna take it. You will not ruin this day for her. You're a manipulative, backstabbing, conniving little b**** and I want you out of my sights. My daughter deserved better than losing to a traitor like you.

Betty: Someone’s cranky this morning! Treat your senator with respect!

Patty Lynn: Sorry. I meant to say, back the f*** off, Madam Senator! Also, it’s the Landfield Building now! Deal with it!

Betty: In that case, I’ll be going.

Betty sneaks away.

Patty Lynn: My goodness, that felt incredible! I’ve wanted to tell her off for years!

Inside, Tammy is called on to give her speech.

Tammy: Today, I end my Senate service as the longest-serving woman ever. It’s been thirty great years. And I can’t believe it! Thank you for this honor. And Mr. President, after all these years, I finally yield the floor.

Tammy goes to speak with Marietta.

Marietta: That was great! And so short!

Tammy: Taking a little inspiration from some of my favorite Oscar speeches. Short, succinct,  and to the point!

Marietta: I have to go talk to my mom now, I think she’s more upset than we are!

Tammy: Good luck!

Marietta: Mom! How are you?

Patty Lynn: Lovely! I just too Betty Benoit to go f*** off!

Marietta: Wow! That’s a great day’s work! Now let’s go home.

WRITTEN BY: Rebecca Bunch
CREATED BY: Rebecca Bunch
PRODUCED BY: Rebecca Bunch,  TVRGO

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