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In the last couple of seasons, Christy hasn't had much in the way of romantic interests. This season has done more with that though, introducing both a fling she had earlier and a romance with Adam's brother. In this week's episode, both of those guys end up being part of the story.

S5E10 "A Bear and a Bladder Infection"

Christy is struggling with the long-distance relationship she is in with Patrick. When her old fling Cooper shows interest in her again, she ends up sleeping with him. This becomes a repeated thing, and while Christy thinks they are just having sex, Cooper develops feelings for her.

Christy tells Adam what happened after a funny scene where Adam worries about Christy because she said she was going to the grocery store and she was gone for a long time. Adam has a funny reaction, laughing at his brother, and then he reminds her that ground rules need to be set up when something isn't going to be a relationship. There is also a really funny part about how Christy is being like Bonnie, and Christy hates that.

In the end, Christy is honest with Cooper about what happened. The story in this episode is really simplistic, as Christy spends a lot of the episode talking to people about what she should do. At least it has some funny moments, and a nice ending where Christy goes to see Patrick. The episode ends with "to be continued" which makes me wonder where this story is going now, since I didn't think there would be that kind of ending here.

There wasn't much to the story in this episode, making it really in need of a subplot, one that Bonnie trying to cut out coffee wasn't. It was still a fairly enjoyable episode as it went on, with the good jokes that the episode had, particularly later on in the episode, though the early part of the episode wasn't that funny.

Score: 6/10

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