Superstore S3E9 Review

Sitcom characters often celebrate awards shows that air on the same network their show airs on. Just look at all of the Oscars-related ABC comedy episodes. This year, Superstore is doing this with the Golden Globes, though unlike the ABC comedies, the episode is airing after the awards, rather than before.

S3E9 "Golden Globes Party"

Everyone doubts that Amy will hold her annual Golden Globes party because of her situation with Adam. However, Amy insists that she can do it all by herself. Dina comes to help her set up, but that doesn't keep disasters from happening. It turns out that the barbecue doesn't have propane, and no one can figure out the TV.

Everyone is miserable, they can't leave because Dina won't let them, and it becomes even worse when Glenn, who Amy told not to leave and allowed to have sex in her bed, and his wife Jerusha can be heard having sex. In the end, Amy admits defeat, and everyone leaves. Once they've left, Amy figures out the TV, and there is a sweet moment where she thanks Dina for helping her all throughout the day.

Kelly is having trouble fitting in at the party. She never met a customer that the others impersonate, doesn't know of famous commercials that they talk about, and she tries to introduce a complicated game. At the end of the episode, she is invited to hang out with the rest, showing that they don't dislike her, she just hasn't been around them for as long. There is nothing that funny or anything about this story, but it wasn't exactly boring.

The main story of this episode was the best part of it. Amy's insecurity with her new life situation was great territory for the show to go into, and it was great to see Jonah and Dina support her and try to help when the party ends up going poorly. There was also plenty of little funny moments throughout the episode with the minor characters.

Score: 8/10

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