Life in Pieces Season 3 Episode 10 Review

Matt and Colleen continue new their quest to start a family on this week's experimental episode of Life in Pieces, in which Matt stars in every story.

In the first story, Matt is trying to get a sample to the fertility clinic when he gets a call from Heather. She feels something in her chest, but Matt thinks she's crazy as she explains it. She lays on the ground to escape the hot feeling she has, but he eventually agrees to drive her to the hospital, even though he has to get his sample to the clinic. Heather thinks she's dying of a heart attack, and confesses to Matt that she's pretending that she's a girl from high school that likes Greg. She planned a grand finale to the prank, and now fears that she'll die before she gets to see it through. Later at the hospital, the doctor tells her that she just has acid reflux, due to the massive amount of wine she had the night before. His time runs out and his sample is ruined.

In the second story, Greg calls Matt after bringing John home from his colonoscopy, and he's asking weird. He can't have Joan watch after him because she's drugged out of her mind, and he has to get to a meeting. Matt reluctantly agrees to go watch their crazy parents while Matt closes the deal on the sale of CryTunes. John and Joan run in during his video call, and the meeting is ruined. Joan grabs Matt's stern sample and destroys it. Game over, for both Matt and Greg.

In the third story, Matt receives a call from a telemarketer. He gets in an argument with him, trying to get off the company's call list. He has to listen to the man's whole pitch before getting taken on the list (I still doubt it'll work, telemarketers aren't hated for no reason!), so he takes the call on the road with him. This inevitably ends in disaster, with Matt crashing his car while he tries to recover his phone. He calls Tim for help (not his first choice, not by a looooong shot) getting the sperm to the clinic, but Tim isn't able to drive because he had his eyes dilated. Sam volunteers, but Tim won't let her, even after she tells him she's ready, at least in the eyes of the state ("What the hell does the state know? They gave me a medical license!") After some more pestering by Matt, Tim agrees to let Sam drive. They arrive at the scene of the accident with seven minutes to spare, and Sam now has to hurry if she wants to save Matt's potential kids. Unfortunately, Tim left the seat heater on and he baked Matt's kids. Good job, Tim!

In the fourth story, Matt gets a call from Colleen, telling him that she may have left the stove on. She didn't, but Dougie comes in with a brown paper bag of her own and she sets it next to Matt's. She takes the wrong one with, and sets it in the fridge at work. She thinks someone is stealing her lunch, so she hides behind a plan to find out who it is. Jen tells her that someone also stole her food. Dougie calls Matt to get a spy camera from home, but he won't do it because he's busy taking the sperm sample (the one that isn't a sperm sample) to the clinic. Jen says she'll help Dougie find the thief, but she's not down with Dougie's threats of violence. They narrow it down to 12 people. Meanwhile, Greg makes his way to the clinic with Dougie's lunch. Jen realizes that Dougie's dad is probably the one that stole her lunch, and it was all accidental. Dougie realizes that she set a booby trap for the thief, but it doesn't go off. At least, not there. It does, however, explode in Matt's face.

In a fifth mini-story, Matt goes to the clinic to make his sample, but he has to wait until another man comes out from the room.

This was a pretty good episode of Life in Pieces, though the repetitive nature got on my nerves by the third go-round. Despite that, the third and fourth story were probably my favorites. The first two weren't really all that interesting, despite some funny moments. I appreciate that the show is experimenting with its format, even though its usual format is great and unique enough. I much preferred the 12 Shorts of Christmas episode (I'm a sucker for Christmas), but this was still fine.
I don't think I've heard the word "masturbating" used more frequently in one episode of a broadcast show before though, so there's that.
My Score: 8/10
My Grade: B

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