Rebecca Takes on the Cable News, Week of November 27: Deadline: White House & MSNBC Have a Pretty Good Week

Welcome to Rebecca Takes on the Cable News, a new feature on the TV Ratings Guide! Each Monday, I'll be recapping the week in ratings for many daily news shows on cable. MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News will be the focus of the article. This week will be more of an introductory post, and I'll discuss the shows that I'll cover here. Next week is when I'll give a deeper analysis for the shows and networks, so make sure you stay tuned for that.

Rachel Meadow continued her run as a ratings powerhouse, bulldozing the competition and easily securing a #1 finish for her and (in primetime at least) her network. She also helped life up Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell to a very respectable 4th place finish, with her lead-in, Chris Hayes's All In, taking 7th. Earlier in the day, Morning Joe and Velshi & Ruhle were near the bottom of the rankings, but still had decent weeks by their own standards. Deadline: White House also had a good week, up by a lot from the preceding week. All of this was helped by incredible Friday ratings, likely driven by Michael Flynn's guilty plea. The network was one of the primary ratings gainers last Friday.

CNN did its thing this week, with all of its shows drawing so-so ratings for much of the week. Nothing really did fantastic, but they're doing well enough. CNN Tonight held the #5 position this week, leading CNN's shows slightly. Anderson Cooper 360, which, with eight hours this week, aired more than any other program we cover from CNN, was right behind in sixth. Erin Burnett OutFront took 8th, with the Lead at 10th. The other the shows were in the mid-0.1s, with low-tier performances from At This Hour and Wolf. No CNN show topped 0.25 this week in averages, which is something Fox News and MSNBC fortunately can't say, with each having two shows top that point.

Fox News:
Fox News didn't have a really great week, as powerhouse #3 performer Hannity had numerous below-average performances, leading the Ingraham Angle to do poorly as well. The month-old Ingraham Angle (#9) had two performances that hovered near its series low. Tucker Carlson led Fox and took #2 overall. Down near the bottom of the rankings was Fox & Friends, which, as usual, was brought down by low ratings at 6AM and rose to low 0.2s by 8. Shepard Smith Reporting was the lowest Fox show that we keep track of, taking #13 overall. While Fox News was not #1 this week in the demo, none of its shows were the lowest rated show we keep track of, and it remained the undisputed king in viewers, more than doubling CNN and nearly a half-million ahead of MSNBC in that measure.

Below is the table of all seventeen shows that will receive weekly coverage during this segment, and their ratings from November 27 until December 1, 2017.

And below is the table showing each cable network's averages during the 8-11 PM hours from November 27 until December 1, 2017.

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