Life In Pieces Season 3 Episode 5 Review

While Life in Pieces season 3 didn't get off to a great start, it has quickly gotten better. Last week's Thanksgiving episode was the season's best, so I'm hopeful the show has set off down a better path.

In the first story, Tim and Heather are celebrating their anniversary. They are overwhelmed by the price of the meal, and Heather wants to flee. However, Tim is prepared to pay the huge price and he convinces her to stay. Later in the evening, they are both stuffed and can barely eat. Food keeps on coming, and while Heather wants them to stop bringing food, Tim is able to convince her to keep on eating, since it's probably the greatest meal they'll ever eat. Heather needs him to burp her, because she's so full. The other guests are not pleased. It is soon revealed that Heather has been hiding food, and Tim is just horrified by this. They are then brought dessert, which is made to honor the armed forces. They can't finish it, and Tim wants Heather to stuff it in her purse.

In the second story, Joan tells Greg and Jen that her friend took Lark off the daycare waitlist, which thrills Greg and Jen. However, their enthusiasm is soon curbed when Joan mentions potty-training, since she's not trained yet. They try to train her, but Lark isn't ready. She runs away, and Greg and Jen start worrying that they won't get her trained in time. As if they weren't already pressed for time, Joan comes over for dinner. Lark runs out while Joan is there and proclaims that she's never going to go on the potty, and they confess to Joan that they never  potty trained her. Joan gives her prunes to help her go, but it's taking really long for her to go. Lark eventually has to go and sits on the potty, and she's feeling scared. Unfortunately, Greg also has to go since he ate some prunes, too. They only have one bathroom, so Jen wants him to go to the gas station, but it's "go time," and Greg goes on the kiddie toilet. Lark, at long last, goes potty.

In the third story, Tim and John are golfing with Tyler, but they think he's only golfing with them because Clementine works there. Tyler notices that a lot of golfers are hitting on Clementine, and hehits his ball over where Clementine is. At home, Tyler tries to practice golf because he's terrible, but Clementine walks in. They get in an argument after he says she's using her sexuality to get a tip. The next day, Tim notices a "hot new cart girl." It is immediately revealed that the cart "girl" is Tyler. Tim and John go over to talk to Tyler, and Tim accuses him of stealing Clementine's job because he's jealous (which is totally true). Tim tells Tyler to go tell Clementine how he really feels, and that he thinks the divorce was a mistake. Tyler runs to find Clementine, and apologizes to her. Before he can tell her how he really feels, she leaves with another guy.

In the fourth story, Sam walks in on Matt stealing food, but she's too oblivious to notice. He asks her why she's not with her family at a festival, but she didn't even know about it. They both bond over being middle children, and they declare it Middle Child Day. They go to do trapeze, because that's what Sam wanted to do and it's a step up from a tongue piercing. Matt is terrified of heights, so he's freaking out, and then he falls. He's totally fine, luckily. Sam does very well, and they buy souvenir photos. 50 to be exact. They use these pictures to replace pictures of the others with pictures of them. Matt and Sam then confide in each other, with Matt telling Sam that him and Colleen are trying to have a baby and Sam telling Matt that she has a boyfriend.

This was a solid episode of Life in Pieces, despite not being nearly as good as last week's. I really haven't been enjoying and Tyler/Clementine stories, and want them to either split for good or get back together, as I just don't care that much. The first story was very entertaining, as I love Tim and Heather and thought this story was very true to form for them. The second story was good, but wasn't great, which is disappoint since my favorite character, Joan, made her only appearance in it. (Seriously, Joan was greatly missed this week.)  However, Lark saying she wants to "be a big girl like daddy" was really hilarious. The fourth story, however, was my favorite of the episode. It didn't run for very long, but it was still great. I loved seeing Matt and Sam together and would love to see more of them and their bonding over being middle children. I never really realized how great of a character Sam was, but with two solid stories starring her in just two episodes, she's becoming a great asset to the show, especially since she, unfortunately, is overshadowed by her siblings and parents much of the time.

My Score: 8.5/10
My Grade: B+

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