Binge Report: Marvel Beats Stranger Things, No Top 3 Shows For Broadcast

The following Binge Report has been provided to us by TV Time. Analysis is our own.

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After a month at the top, the second season of Netflix's Stranger Things is no longer the #1 show as reported by TV Time. Instead, new Netflix entry Marvel's The Punisher lands in the top spot, with an impressive 5.39 episodes per viewer. Clearly, they liked what they were seeing, as that's about 5 hours of one show. It's impressive to see that Netflix is dominating the top two spots on this list, with Stranger Things down barely more than 3% from last week in share of streams, demonstrating its longevity.

While The Walking Dead's linear ratings aren't quite what they used to be, it saw nearly a 3% increase in share of streams, putting AMC's signature show at #3 this week, up a spot from last week. Not only does this mean that The Walking Dead still has a lot of ratings power in it, it also means that none of the top three shows this week were on broadcast television.

Luckily for broadcast TV, every other show on this list was from that area of television. ABC had two shows: TGIT's anchor Grey's Anatomy, down two spots to #4, and How to Get Away with Murder, down three spots to #10. It's interesting to see Scandal missing from this list yet again. Could it actually be the least popular of the three TGIT shows? It'll also be interesting to see if it enters more towards the end of the season/series. Both Grey's and HTGAWM were down slightly in shares, but Grey's is almost a lock to make it onto next week's Binge Report and there's a chance HTGAWM stays as well, though given the two shows did not air new episodes last week could work against them.

The CW saw good news with The Flash up three spots to #5 and Arrow up three spots to #6. This could have possibly been in anticipation of the then-upcoming crossover episode. However, the strong gains for these shows led Riverdale to drop four spots to #7. It's still proven to have staying power in streaming, and only adds on to the accomplishment of stronger linear ratings this season.

CBS's sole entry on this list was its signature multi-cam sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. I say this every week, but it's really impressive how a multi-cam sitcom can make it onto a list otherwise filled by serialized dramas. The show is really firing on all cylinders, so to speak. It is down two spots to #8 this week, but that's still impressive.

FOX's Lucifer is now up a spot to #9, once again being their only show on this list, including The Gifted. Its Live + Same Day ratings are decent, nothing more and nothing less, but it's remarkable to see it doing so well on streaming week in and week out.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with my analysis? Are you surprised by this chart? Let us know in the comments below!

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